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  1. *Renewal using comparethemarket.com* Owner: Thomas (Teddylicious) Age: 22 NCB: 2 years Convictions: 1x SP30 Other drivers: Katie Year of Roadster: 2004 UK/EU/Jap: UK Colour: Black Gearbox: Manual Hardtop: No Location: York YO26 Garaged or drive: Private property Insurance Company: Admiral 10 or 12 month policy: 12 Total cost: £729.95 Voluntary £500 + £75 Type of cover: Fully comp Modifications: Alloy wheels Value of Mods covered: not neccessary Claim experience: 1 crash two years ago, my fault, no personal injuries claimed Any general comments: Currently paying over £900 a year with Adrianflux or a partner thereof. Adding my better half, just as a named driver, still with me as primary driver saved over £170. Well worth it mi thinks. :)
  2. Hi smiiithy, would like to chuck in my two pence worth to this... As a roadster owner who has leather seats and the standard set up that go with it I would try and suggest not going with the race harness. It will require alot of chnages to be made and for the 'extra' benefit I would struggle to see how it would be a worthwhile addition. There has never been an occasion when driving my car that I have thought "I must get a racing harness!" the seats that are in do a very adequate job. If you must need 'locking' in place then please try this. :)
  3. That car is already looking way beyond awesome, bet it'll go like a well known farm animals excrement off a particulaly warm and/or shiny shovel! top bombing!! :D
  4. Sorry to raise this board from the dark merky depths of abys but I feel it relevant to this thread... what with my rubbish drainage system in my car I fear it may of had an adverse effect on my Alarm system. Now, albeit very sparadically I sometimes get my alarm go off when opening the door, the only way to stop it is to insert my key and press the unlock button on the key fob, any ideas girls n boys?
  5. HOORAHH!! - I've cracked it, my attempt at clearing the drains was in vain when I was doing it from the outlet upwards. As the culprit was a stuffed animal... (eeyore too be precise!) had blocked all the top up with rubbish! now thats sorted everything seems to be panning out nicely now, got my stereo fixed and my alarm is alot less problematic. One down side is i've killed my aerial motor now... :( I must admit my presence on the boards ahs been somewat slack over recent months, I shall be sure to improve it. :D
  6. Sorry for the late reply, I fear i've been a bit of a numpty and not doen enough of a job on the drains. Gonna give them a good going over on Tuesday and if it's still causing me problems I will have to request your very kind offer of assistance. Cheers Les. :D
  7. I am in desperate need of help (mechanical rather than mental... but the mental help might be of use!) My '04 MR2 has sprung a leak, behind the back of the passenger seat there is a large amount of water ingress, this in turn extends to the footwells on both sides, and as a result is now messing with my alarm. I've tried emptying the drains to resolve the problem but that has proved unsuccessful, i'm now at a loss as to what to do, if anyone of you fine boys or girls could offer me some assistance in suggestions of either things to do, or respectable places to take it around York then please let me know.
  8. Matt, the sub enclosure pictured above is not sealed but I've since built a new one that is sealed, and in order to get a half decent box you need to spend a fair whack of time measuring angles to squeeze it under the hood and keep it in line with the transmission tunnel. That leads to problems finding a sub with a shallow magnet because as i've just found out, my vibe unit, pictured above won't fit in well. :( Good luck.
  9. Mr MF Rocks my world!! - I just sat and watched both those videos and I ain't joshing :D Happy St Patricks Day everyone!
  10. Thanks for your pointer, I've just tried a bit of prodding and poking and it's worked a treat, looks alot better now. It feels as if the bar in the soft top towards the rear of the car is not been pulled down by anything. A quick push and all looks good. thank you for your guidance. :D
  11. Unfortunately It was shorts weather, no cold excuse that I could of clung on to :( It's always been like this from day dot, what do I need to do to remedy it? BTW - Niiiice motor, looks pretty good!!
  12. Thanks Gaz it was very thoughtful of you, I do appreciate the linear thinking, sometimes it helps... But I did scratch that off as a possibility as I think the last time the roof was down was about 7 months ago, I'm not gonna brave the cold at the first hint of sunshine! :D
  13. Oh oh, I think my strap has been broken since I got the car, I take it my car shouldn't look like this?...
  14. Well you aren't gonna get them there on the friday, they'll all be on the school run! :P
  15. It was in the drivers side footwell, and was absolutely hilarious a few weeks back when it all froze (for anyone else watching!) :P I've checked the seal and that is how it should be, looks like there is no easy fix for me :( I've got water in the rear passenger side cubby hole and in the drivers side footwell, very puzzling. P.S Gaz, nice to see you contributing, but don't you have some 'LIFT' to be fussing over somewhere else :P
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