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  1. Happy Birthday Wittybebop!

  2. Wittybebop


    What GT4 have you 165 185 205? If it's a 185 I have the parts, PM me.
  3. Nick the best suggestion I can recommend is get yourself down to www.gt4oc.net or www.gt4ec.net and ask the lads on the site. There are dozens who have done this and will be glad to help you out, regards GT4OC member, I'm pretty sure there is another Sheffield 205 owner on the site also.
  4. Pretty straigh forwards really just need a #2 phillips screwdriver "magnetised" if possible, pop up the headlamps and take out the 4 screws in the plastic surround, some will stay in a little plastic pigtail on the surround, just unscrew the chrome bezel taking care not to drop the darn screw down the hole and into you engine shield tray :( pull out the plug at the back and reverse to put together. A handy tip is spray a little lube oil round the headlamp body edges and the chrome trim before putting back together it prevents rust in further years to come.
  5. OK all, willing to do requests over this weekend :). After some ABS faults on my car, and talking to my Toyota dealership I've managed to wangle the Celica chassis and body shop book out of them that goes into very good detail about most problems except engine. Anyone wanting info should post here and I will try and help covers most celica's only 90> Hopeing to photocopy about 200 pages from it, the ABS section is about 30 pages thick and covers a lot of Celica models Cheers Wittybebop.
  6. Hi all on one of my Celicas the Carlos Sainz 1990 the ABS light is always on when driving, I've had the sensors all checked and that's ok, has anyone else had ABS problems with the Modulator or ECU ABS Unit?? Any help appreciated.
  7. When I first had it gassed I dyed the gas to find the leak cured that, now on the regas it should be ok this problem was happening as soon as it was gassed to the right weight so I would assume the pressure is ok in the system.
  8. Hi all I have a ST164 Carlos Sainz Celica and have just had the AC regassed after fixing a small leak in the front I had it regassed but although now the AC compressor starts the AC light stays on for about 5 seconds then the Compressor cuts out again and the light starts flashing if I do this again off and on the same thing happens Stays lit and works for 5 second then cuts out and starts flashing. Any help would be appreciated. TIA.
  9. Wittybebop


    My work collegues call it a Silly Car - Celi car. And yes they are all ****wits :) And Jelous :P
  10. I used the mighty power of the dog to find this owners club, I actually stumbled on it by chance that dog found everything toyota from the Gtr 4ws celica I put in to this club, bodykits for it and everything else :) Give it a try, lets face it if the dog can't find it, it ain't worth fetching back www.dogpile.com
  11. Part's could possibly be a downfall, but touch wood it's in excelent condition, weve had it lying round at work for quite some time, boss part ex it last year, for another car. We know the Service history of it, and I can buy all parts trade as I'm in the motor trade and we have some very understanding toyota dealers :) However I'm interested to know is it more powerfull than the uk spec of car, and what extra does it if any have over the uk spec? Thanks.
  12. If you want to try and pop the dent out firstly you need to strip down the panel, and see if you can access it sometimes you come across a double skin inside not nice , I would for the money get a dentman to do it, however sometimes even their results are a 90% better than it was before but not perfect. if you can push it out you need something solid like a bar and a spoon type end on it, cover it in a little cloth and don't go in heavy handed if possible get it under a garage strip light so you can see the reflection of the strip light on the dent, you should see a line with a curve in it "that's your dent", now whilst working your bar inside get it on the dent and start to ease it out whilst watching the light "line" when you see the reflection as straight then your dent should be out if it starts going worse stop - cry - and consult a professional
  13. Have a little delve into the history of the car, has it had a bump etc new wing, if not secondly have a close look under a magnifier where the laquer started to come off, is there any stone marks where something may of hit it if not then I would be tempted to ring a Toyota dealership and ask who the paint originally comes from. For example if you can find out companies such as Akzo Nobel one of the world's largest suppliers of paint to the industry carry something like a 10 year warranty saying their paint will not blister etyc, it may be worth a try, you might get it done buckshee Good luck.
  14. You might be as wise while you've got it clutched in your paws fitting new seals 'o' rings if it has any, it'll only save you taking it all out again :censor:
  15. It depends, can you post a description of the wiring colours and I'll try and help, but there are several ways of wiring it up, even from country to country. Usually you have one earth brown or black and 2 lives red or yellow then you may have electric antenna, amp remote, the latter 2 are usually blue or blue with white, but you really need to just get the set on for the start, speaker wiring should match up something like red/red with white etc, but you can just keep trying until you get fl/fr/rl/rr etc. good luck.