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  1. Well, from a local parts centre I can get the drive shaft for about £150. Think I'll get it, let them try and get the hub out and if successfull without damaging the driveshaft or CV joint return the new driveshaft and lose the surcharge. Sucks but it seems the only way. I guess they gave up to be honest, they did'nt charge me anything, so I cant complain really. Just lots more hassel and noise for me. I'll use my normal method of fixing problems and just turn the stereo up louder for a few weeks. =] Thnaks for the advice, I'll pass it on when it goes back in! Thanks again!!!!!!!!
  2. Hey guys and gals, I have problems with my gen6, I've just taken my car to a garage to replace the drivers side front bearing thats knocking, which itself was a nightmare to find, apparently they are not listed after '94, and my car is a '97. I tracked down a local specialist bearing place to get hold of one. Anyway the garage rang me to say that my hub has seized onto the driveshaft, they could press it out and stand a good chance of trashing the drive shaft. I told them to put it all back together! lolz Can't afford a new drive shaft at the mo! £££'s! So I looking for a breakers in the midlands if anyone knows of any, to get a new hub, CV joint etc.. (the whole front portion basically). So any advice much apprieciated! Take care all and thanks!
  3. just thought i'd everyone know, i found a eribuni front bumper for the gen 6 on ebay, heres a link> http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...item=7915271368 wish i had monies!
  4. only a few mods, induction, chips, exhaust, wouldnt mind getting nos, it would help, extra 50bhp easy. the rest are aestheic (its not spelt like im sure) but ive had my celica for a year, already am getting alittle bored with it, if i cant find a decent gen6 gt4 anywhere next year im gonna have to go with an supercharged mx5 or rx7 or summin, will be gutted to see my celica go, i feel limited on it, mainly becuase of the front wheel drive, anyway, thats a long way off, but i want more power so any suggestions would be good, just to keep dem corsas and saxos off my a*s!
  5. you'd be surprised, but only having a gen 6 gt with a few mods i havent had much of a problem dispatching saxo vtrs, cleos of all types, pesky civics, motorbikes (he got scared), bmws, even a porsche, but that was because he had to go another way :P , but what seriously can i be expected to keep up with realistically, just so i dont get shown up! i nice list below would be good. have fun guys
  6. this might seem alittle odd, but i seem to be getting alot of torgue steer, have a gt gen 6, a few mods so about 180bhp at a guess, but im getting alot of torque steer when i put the power on roundabouts, overtaking manovers and so forth, just wondering of any ideas to limit it, im guessing suspension sets but what? any ideas welcome! =] be safe all
  7. will those rear lights work on gt st202?, they're smooth!
  8. you can get the c-one bonnets at tuneacar.co.uk, about £700! i think
  9. a'pexi or k&n i'd go with, a'pexi you can get from tuneacar.co.uk and the k&n 57i you can get anywhere, got mine from halfords! £83 for k&n, other one gonna be more, what i will say though is do it as soon as, sounds so nice!
  10. hi all, i've just orderd my erebuni kit, just wondering if anyone has one fitted, was it a mission, how much did it cost at the body shop etc.. any info would be cool just so i don't get ripped off when it comes to fitting. thanx guys n gals!!!
  11. the only one i know is the c-one racing bonnet, you can get it from www.tuneacar.co.uk , lots of money though!!!!!!
  12. hi there! had my K&N 57i on my gen 6 gt for about a month now, sounds great well pleased, fitted in minutes easypeasy, but i've noticed a change in the sound it makes as i reach 6000 revs, it changes note, i know i shouldnt be up at 6k, but when ya gotta teach saxo boys a lesson its gotta be done, just wondered if anyone else has noticed this? or its possible ive fited it wrong, although i cant for the life of me see how! any feedback much apprieciated cheers guys
  13. nice kit! you not gone for the booster grill tho?! i recommend it , got just that on my celica, if i can upload a pic later, see if you like it, anyways gorgeous ride, get her lowerd!
  14. what ya waiting for?! go get it! =] sound kit mate
  15. well you could try toyota themselves, all you need is the code, for example i have an 97 gt, with a full bodykit as standard, so toyota must do them, try lying, say you wrecked one on a kerb or something if they get funny, which they can! or just check out the body kits, tuneacar.co.uk (normally banner below) have loads of kits, also abstyling.co.uk are very good. hope i've helped! p.s side skirts are a must on celicas goodluck!!! =]
  16. i completely agree, i couldnt get a clear large trd logotype to use, the graphics will probably not stay to be honest, i'm a designer specialising in typography, so im even more picky! =] performance mods should be induction kit, superchip, powerboost valve then finally nos with controller, only about half way there on that, hopefully will be about 250bhp (with nos). i'll try and keep everyone posted on the progress if ya all interested?!
  17. she should look good, plus she should be pretty quick with nos onboard, hopefully it wont be tacky! what do you think?
  18. thanks for the help...and thats a good point if i tell them! sounds pretty striaghforward then, with all the standard toyota parts should be a breeze, knowing my luck tho probably not, thanks again =]
  19. hi im new to celicas and new to this place, i've just got myself a beautiful 2.0 gt, but i want to make it look like a gt4 version, i could have got a gt4 i know but the insurance companies would've just laughed, so i want to know anything that anyone knows about it, i know i need a front bumper and bonnet (£500! - quote from toyota) and rear spoiler but i need to know if i need anything else, mounts etc.. has anyone tried this before? got any info? thanks everyone! =]
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