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  1. I don't think the higher mileage on a YTS is an issue to the car value as the YTS it's an exceptionally well built car. Both ALFA and AUDi dealers couldn't believe that my car has this mileage after they inspected and road tested it (ALFA even twice). Infact they were happy to give me the top end value of the car as trade in. The car has been very much looked after with full T service history. Honest, it's a reluctant sale because my car has never ever let me down. Amazingly even the petrol consumption stayed the same as it still takes the same first top notch from the full tank when i drive to work, since 2003. The front bumper that has so much drawn your attention guys although I understand that the look counts when you sale the car however it's a alltogether 100 quid job! I'm saying if you buy a second hand car then you sld also be prepared to make some minor fixes and you wld decide what to do on the car (for example the car has few light scratched on the rear bumper and the odd small dents on the side). Finally the asking price is on a ONO. From the interest that my car has attracted in ebay i'm happy to say that the price i'm asking is pretty much right. When you buy a new great car like the YTS and you look after it in the right way you make an investment and the selling moment sld reflect it. I'll keep you posted as everything is just happening... :P
  2. Kimi, the front bumper has never been sprayed before. The chipping started in a v subtle way and got worse with time. It's plastic! In some ways the paint became loose and started to chip off from it. But the body paint is immaculate that's why i was never concerned about the front bumper chipping becuase it sldnt be a big issue to repaint it: the bumber itself is sound. About my next car... well. These are the 2 final cars in my wish list Alfa Romeo Brera 2.2 JTS or A3 2.0TDI QUATTRO :P
  3. I know!! Anyone can suggest a body workshop around? How much should I expect to repaint the front bumper? ta
  4. hehe! Actually it's a funny thing as this paint chipping started v gradually and got worse evertytime i was taking the car for a wash :P Howevr I never heard of a similar problem to another YTS! more pics in here too
  5. Any question pls just fire away! :P
  6. Here as promised few pics of my YTS I took this afternoon!
  7. Hey guys, There we go big time! My YTS is for sale eventually. Will go for an altogether different Car... :P So here it goes: *YTS 1.5 RED *2003/52 reg *95K+ miles *No Prev Owners *Full Toyota service history *New complete exhaust replaced 04/08 (700quid invoiced) *MOT 04/09 *Taxed till 06/09 *A perfect car! Fill it wiv petrol and it will just go :P *A couple of dents on the car sides *Front bumper needs repainting due to motorway chipping, thats it! *A great private sale, I'd like to sell it for GBP3500 ono. Car is in Edinburgh! Pics will follow soon! Any expressions of interest pls send a message. Thanks P
  8. I've just replaced the top and mid section including the cat of my ts exhaust. Car has 80k miles. The exhaust just becomes progressively more noisy. During the the latest time tho the fuel consumption rocketed a lot i think this was due to the misreading of the lambda sensors which are placed in the cat and were sending the wrong info to the vvti - i think. Now that is all replaced consumption have come back to normal and the engine does sound as new! Thats unbelivable to me considering it got 80K+ miles now. The engine has recovered its "vocal" sound as when it was really new. The other think was the annoying constant coming up of the engine warning light in the d/board, which has now disappered since the exhaust replacement. I experienced this problem quite early when actually the car was still under the 3 yrs guarantee but mr T was always putting this down to bad petrol and stuff ie no actions required. Considering loads of ts' have this annoying problem which comes quite early i wld conclude that the car may have a cat/exhaust fault/bad desing...
  9. paalo

    Oil Consumption

    Hey Guys, I've measured the oil consumption from the max notch to the min and I can make approx 2000k miles before topping up. As anyone tried to measure it as well? Juss out of curiousity ;) My car has 80k miles. P
  10. paalo

    Cold Winter Start

    thats an interesting one. I was just chatin to a friend about my yts and telling him how boring my car is!! Never a fault never a fany noise lol and it's always started after 1/2 round of ignition key! I live in Scotland and we had these days silly temps like -5 but my babe was always there loyaly waiting for me yup! Battery it's still the original one!
  11. So you have no intention of replying to any PM’s from people that might want to buy your car? I think it’s called underhand advertising (by not paying)! Where’s a moderator when you need one?! get a grip man
  12. Ok, ther u go, *Advice given in following posts regarding the question* *Edited by GIDDLEPIN* ++++++++TO MODERATORS: DO NOT REMOVE THIS POST AS THIS IS NOT A FOR SALE ADV. THANKS+++++++++++++++
  13. Hi Guys, I need to replace front discs, can someone please suggest full specs and approx price for better ones including pads so that i can pass it on to my local garage for fitting - thanks - P