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  1. The buddy i spoke today said the main toyota bit that they deal with has been inundated with calls about this oil today....
  2. Update. Local garage called me back today and informed me that Toyota has insisted that for a correct oil level reading to be taken the compressor must be removed from the car and placed on a level surface...What a load of crap...!!! I then asked why the hell we were given a printed out insturuction sheet from toyota informing on how to check and fill compressor oil, and no where on this documentation does it state that the compressor must be removed. This left the guy kinda stumped. He then called me back after passing on my thoughts on this matter to toyota and has now told me that the oil has been ordered and I have to take in a small container and they will give me some of this oil free of charge...
  3. Hey there, Toyota garage supplied me with the same print out but under stage 4. CHECK COMPRESSOR OIL LEVEL. there is an addition, with a warning triangle. saying "Note: Middle position is max. oil level. Do not overfill max. position!"
  4. Hi there, this is curlp8's wife here. He is working night shift tonight and asked me post on his behalf. After reading this thread he checked his compressor oil. Just a wee drop on the dip stick. Not dry yet. We went to our local toyota dealership and asked to order more oil. The chaps there were really nice and told us they would let us know when it was in. Later on this afternoon they called, whoever they were ordering it from got really short with them and pratically refused the order the oil. Claiming that it should not need topped up. The men in our local garage then called us back in to give us a print out of stuff they had been sent, showing how to check, and change the compressor oil. On this it states that you should not fill to any more than half way up the dipstick. Sorry for the ramble but he just wanted to let you know don't over fill. I'm sure curlyp8 will keep you up to date on how we get on...
  5. Hi there, many thanks for reading in advance...I have scoured the forum looking for something like this or similar but can't seem to find anything, i do apologise if there is a ongoing thread relating to this matter. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of a 'chirping' sound coming from your car. This seem to happen to me when I put my foot on the accelerator. When flooring the accelerator this noise is not heard, only when light pressure is applied. I have taken my car to the local Toyota garage and the mechanic there thinks it may be the 'pully tensioner' but he was not entirely sure. Any kind of input would be most welcome. Many thanks, Curlyp8
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  7. Hi there another, scottish member here....just south of Ayr.. :D
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