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  1. Better worded than I did. The weber auto video explained the process better than the car care nut and why not to use it when not in downhill situations.
  2. Forkingabout's post with the YouTube video link or the weber video? Other sources maybe economical with the explanation of the Toyota hybrid system in B mode.
  3. The only ones that I had heard about, were due to driver driving and ran out of fuel. In the 2nd gen Prius, you could run out of fuel and discharge the battery, to the point where the system would not be able to start the ice once you had refueled. By the time the toyota dealer had managed to borrow the charger, the battery was damaged. Later hybrids the system left enough power for you to get fuel and be able to start driving again.
  4. Welcome If the service and recalls are upto date then all should be fine. Some Prius owners have clocked up 300,000 miles and their cars were well over 10 years old. The only downside of the first generation of Auris hybrids was the boot capacity.
  5. I'm not sure how long it took, but it was roughly about 500 miles
  6. Disconnect the battery for 30 minutes should be enough for the reset. This will probably give you poor economy until the ECU has clocked up enough miles for it's initial setup.
  7. B mode wastes power hence that's why it's meant for steep downhill travel. Shame Toyota never explained it properly in the manual.
  8. I haven't driven any of the newer generation with the launch gear, if I am not mistaken it was a Prius only thing and may have been just for the plugin model. It would go all the way upto 70Mph in EV mode without being slow.
  9. The common mistake by the motoring press, they always complain about the gearbox being noisey, but they mistake the engine revving up from it's quieter and optimal range whilst under acceleration like joining the motorway. When cruising at your desired speed, the noise level drops back down again. Around town doing upto 30, you'll be more surprised when the engine suddenly starts once the battery needs to charge.
  10. I had this and it seemed to coincide with me using the hazard lights, but it was like Russian roulette, sometimes it didn't happen and other times it was like clockwork.
  11. Have you got my toyota set up online? With a registered car and multimedia head unit, you can purchase the updates for the sat nav and media functions. Then it is a case of using a usb stick to insert it into the car and wait for the update to complete with the in READY mode. Warning the update process can take 30 minutes or more. Also check what version you currently have and pay attention to the last letter, so you can buy the correct update. only 2 variants but they aren't interchangeable.
  12. Could be worse and they all run on windows 🤣
  13. Almost forgot what the display was like on my first hybrid. That car was better, but smaller than the TS that I moved to later. Just too slow when pulling away on electric only.
  14. Sadly my Auris TS, did show a significant reduction in range. Plus the possibility of further increases in Ethanol content, helped me to make the change. As I mentioned before, the hybrids just helped me to choose to go full electric. Toyota just didn't have what I was after, which was a shame. One area that Toyota needs to improve on for their cars, is the seats. Out of the 3 hybrids, the Yaris had better seats than the Auris. In both Auris models, I felt like someone with a disability after an hours driving.
  15. I know some well never accept EV's for all the excuses already stated. The only real true point is the current number of chargers, I don't have a charging point at home and it's not a problem, but I'm not loosing/wasting time going to charge. Still yet to find a non working charger.
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