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  1. Hi Dave R I agree, the method of updating maps is truly pants! Sounds like you are having lots of 'fun'. Is this the first step -- getting the 'signature' data from your car? If so it sounds like a loose connection. Have your tried another USB stick. If its the second step on your PC then it could be the usb system on your pc - due to the time it takes to download the data with continual writes to the usb stick...maybe try on another pc?? Good Luck.
  2. I have no idea why most people dont fit mudflaps. The car looks better, keeps cleaner and they reduce spray. Ok, so the mudflaps are really easy to fit and I have done this on 2 Yaris and 3 Prius models. I have never found the need to remove the rear wheels, but it can be fiddly and it helps if you can use a screwdriver bit fitted in a ratchet handle. Also mark the oles using a bradawl - that way you can create a 'start' for the screws. Or you can remove the wheels if you dont like fiddling :) Rubber mats dont need much installation at all, but the dealer will quote a standard 30minutes (of course). As for prices, why not send a PM to PartsKing on this website. He has often helped out members of this forum. Anyway - good Luck!!
  3. I finally got around to upgrading the Touch and Go Plus software and map installed in my 2012 Gen3 Prius TSpirit (2013 model - the latest variant with LED running lights). Please dont confuse this with the 2010 Gen3 (which I have also owned). Same shape, no running lights and different (dual screen) navigation system. I so miss this dual screen system. What a palava! I have been experiencing lots of routing (and rerouting) errors with the car being shown hundreds of yards off track and sent in circles (especially around Kingston upon Thames!). And the system was soooo sloooow. Apparently the latest software fixes this (according to my local garage). My software was 1.7.9H and map update EUH20120611. The unit accepted 7 digit post code and there isnt a 'second page' (that was in the 2010 hard disk gen 3 car :)) Following proceedure I took a USB 'signature' from my car and then accessed the Toyota Touch and Go application. Immediatly i received a message that there was an urgent update which I had to install onto the USB. Confusingly, the application also offered a 2012 Q4 map update (and also told me I had already installed this?). However, I decided to download this new map version and install it in my car. After the usual hour of installation (a good way to pass the time during a journey down the M40 today), I received the huge surprise that the software and map version is now 2.8.4H and EUH20130409. And there are map differences.... I took another signature and retried the T&G application to be told yet again that there is an urgent update, further navigation update and updates to a couple of the free apps. I put the USB in the car again and it updated but strangly, didnt cause any change to software or map versions. Ok so what has changed? Its much faster and I am pleased to report that the 7 digit post code is intact. Entry of the post code is also much faster and predictive - more so than before. The map colours have changed and there is also a junction image which can be turned off - not sure if this existed in the old version - if it did I never used it. However, the 3D mapping is now awfull. The angle of 'view' is too shallow, meaning that as you zoom in, it becomes impossible to distinguish roads, and the top 10mm of the screen is taken up by a blue horizon - does absolutly nothing except waste screen real estate. Changing from 3d to 2d and back is going to be a necessary pain. One improvement I noticed is that routing now automatically bypasses slow traffic. My route to the office is down the M40, M25 and M4. The previous system always routed down the M25 and M4 and only then rerouted due to slow traffic. However the new system didnt even try to go down the M25 (there was 20mph traffic this morning!). I will monitor this on future trips. Russ
  4. OK, I have been asked to hold off updating so hopefully the issue might be acknowledged and a fix coming. All that might be misinformation and a load of rubbish, but lets see!
  5. duncanda - that sounds awful - just like the Gen2 Satnav (which was a pain). My local Toyota Service team told me that there is a new update (They want to put it onto my vehicle to try to solve another issue I have). I wont be upgrading if this issue isnt solved in the newest sw update!!j I will check versions tonight my software is 1.7.9H EUH20120611
  6. I am a bit confused by the post code input change you mention following the update. My postcode is 7 digits long (AANN NAA where A=letter, N=number) Some London postcodes are as short as 5 digits (AN NAA) If the downgrade is the case then a 5 digit input where I live really needs the number and street address to be any use at all! However, I understand there is a new update available but I haven't been able to check this out yet.
  7. Good idea but unfortunately they may not do all you would hope. The shape of the Prius door profile means that most of the 'hits' will be high on the door and nowhere near the door protection strips.
  8. I thought long and hard about the door protection strips but given the shape of the door profile they would do very little to protect anything and they detract from the lines of the vehicle. Any damage that has been caused by 'supermarket door bashers' has occurred high on the door, well above where the strips would fit.
  9. RING TOYOTA UK CUSTOMER SERVICE (that was shouting!) I had the same problem and Toyota Technical agreed that the oil should be 0W20 for the GENERATION 3 (latest shape) Prius and called the garage to instruct them to change the oil in my car. This happened and the garage gave me the almost empty container of Toyota brand 0W20 oil. So - your dealer CAN get this grade of oil. Russ
  10. Aimhigh

    New Car

    I have had two such plans and one is still running (on my wife's Yaris). The service plan finance was provided through the garage by Emap. ......and I too was assured that there are no additional costs... until the following happened. I took out the plan with my Prius Gen2 (thinking it was a great scheme) until I did a few more miles that expected that meant the car had to go in for its second service 2-3 months early. I was then presented with a bill for £98, which was a big shock as you can imagine and so I asked for a statement of payments to try to understand why i was being charged £98 and not 3x£15. This clearly showed that when the scheme was set up, my account was debited by £45 (ish) as a service fee from Emap. I was astounded and protested but they said that when the final service arrives, the garage pays the difference and so it would all work out to 'no extra fee'. Then I decided to change my Prius Gen2 for a Prius Gen3 because of the extra miles. I opted for free servicing and cancelled the service plan. My calculations showed that I should have been £95 in credit...but oh no! Take off the £25 early cancellation penalty and then the £45 admin costs and I was offered about £30. Annoyed is not the word and I explained to them the meaning of 'no hidden costs'. The point here is that if you let the plan run for its term, never do extra miles, then all might be OK, but be aware that if you dont follow any of these rules (and at all times as far as Emap are concerned) you may owe this admin fee. Personally, I won't be buying one of these plans again (I would rather save into my own savings plan).
  11. Aimhigh

    New Car

    Check out the admin costs of the plan - they may be higher than you think.. Yes they will tell you that it is no cost and interest free, but if you sell the car mid term expect to 'pay' the fee somewhere.
  12. I am sure it does, but the wild card is how accurate the fuel gauge is! (how much fuel remains) and what the range says is when you filled up. It jut doesn't follow such a simple relationship and doesn't give such a straight forward calculation - As I said earlier, the range calculation is little better than useless in my vehicle (the worst I have come across) - sorry!
  13. The Gen3 fuel gauge and fuel remaining indicator is woefully inaccurate - a complete waste of time. Although the manual does state that the 'fill-up' warning will flash when there is something like 7.5l fuel remaining -I cant remember the exact figure (at least 75 miles), the estimated range count down quickly and then sit at 0 miles until you fill up (which could be 20 miles later). I have no idea how the range is calculated but it is the worst estimate of range I have come across. The fuel gauge is also very non-linear.
  14. The reversing camera is superb and I am not sure the protection pack will give you much additional benefit - just keep the camera lens clean! As for LED lights, I dont find the headlights on my GEN3 to be too bad, but any improvement in illumination, if properly adjusted, is a good thing. What I really miss from my Disco3 is the 'steering' sidelights that illuminate the side of the road as you turn a corner, now they are really useful!.