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  1. Big Kev

    Thank You And Goodbye

    Due to the continued over moderation of a misanthropic insomniac moderator hereon, I have decided to channel my energies elsewhere to help Rav 4 and any marque drivers. So it's goodbye from me to many good friends made here, and thanks very has been a blast. Kevin.
  2. Big Kev


    Concur with Touch and Pish did not receive or allow me to text with my last outdated phone, a Nokia Steam Driven. Have now got a Galaxy 3 of Samsung stable, which immediately gave me READ AND SEND of texts.......what and why Jamesy Firemac has with speech recog and speech text leaves me speechless. He's probably just dictating texts to his wife, who types and sends.......she likes to keep him happy. Have worked out why my phone will not stream music to my car........haven't put any music on it yet......airse.......! If it has anywhere near the sound quality of Bluetooth binary music's harmonic distortion.......roll on turntables for cars ffs....
  3. Big Kev

    Things On My Mind.......

    If the complete sphinctus of a dealer who has been fitting your car with cheap starter motors had done his job properly.........would we be having these conversations, Oor James.......? I think not.......
  4. Big Kev

    Rav4 T180 58Reg Cat D

    Oh Martin........ya bad bad person ye.......your post will be removed at 3.00am by persons above explaining or manners......unless the rule of for sale is still relaxed now that MANY MANY HORSES HAVE BOLTED........
  5. Big Kev

    Rav4 T180 58Reg Cat D

    Best case absolutely fine. Worst case turns out to be pish, you have bought it, and you try to offload it. No chance.....not many folk like you oot there who would buy a Categorised car. You answer your own question.......why have insurance written it off for a mangled bumper ? Take along all of your tools which check the floor pan for true and ripple damage. (Me too......haven't got any......) All done in the best possible taste.......jog backwards, mucker.....
  6. Big Kev

    Recommended Parking Sensors

    Me also too forbye......two Ravs, both with OEM reversey beep beeps and almost faultless. Sometimes react to heavy coverages of white line paint or bright white metallic stone chips on a driveway. Would not be without them.
  7. Big Kev


    When you see the price of the unpainted wheel arch extenders, and add the price of them being painted, and then the price to fit them PROPERLY..........nah.......week for two on the Costas much better value........
  8. Big Kev

    Oh Dear No Power, And Only 2000 Revs?

    Good point aboot the supermarket widdle, not use it.
  9. Big Kev

    Oh Dear No Power, And Only 2000 Revs?

    Hi Karen, Welcome to This forum. When was fuel filter last changed? Has car got decent service history? How long have you had the car? Also possible fault with your EGR valve being blocked with carbon. I will send you a PM with my moaby number on it, coz ah can talk a lot faster than I type, and there is a known engine related problem with your model.......dinnae go frettin' but......there are things in place to fixicate. Me in Stepps not a million miles away. Also 2009 model much less likely to have The Engine Trouble.......touch wid.
  10. Big Kev

    Starter Motor

    ......TIME TO TELL THEM TO PUT GERMOLOIDS OINTMENT ON THEIR STARTER MOTORS, Jamie....... You have repeatedly said they are nice as nine pence in their dealings......I would rather have Adolf Hitler.....and the job done properly ffs.....
  11. Big Kev

    Help Needed With Wheel Locks Please

    ..........albeit he called it an Allen screw, the answer was in gjnorthall reply......?
  12. Big Kev

    Help Needed With Wheel Locks Please

    Welcome to This forum, you have an answer, can I ask a wee question please......? Think hard and noisy are those Pirelli tyres at, say, 65mph.....? I ask for a reason.
  13. Big Kev

    Snow Socks

    Nobody said they DON'T WORK, of a fashion.......but ye hit the pish nail right on the soon as you get to a road you know does not have enough snow to stop yer stockings have to stop and remove them. Then you get to a side road with deep snow again, and you have to stop'll get ma "drift".......? In Scotlandshire, that is a 2 day journey to work with the inconsistencies of council gritting policies. On a front wheel drive Vectra, sticky tape might be a godsend in the snow.......on a perma 4 wheel drive Rav, snow socks are for keeping the tyres warm at night.......
  14. Big Kev

    New To The Rav4

    ..............and don't buy a Lottery Ticket FFS have bought more duff Ravs than most dealers have in stock.....!!
  15. Big Kev

    Snow Socks the same time just aboot doubling the life span of yer normal tyres.......well said Oor