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  1. Thanks Trev I will try that . Is it a Carina 11 that you have and do you have a similar part under the bonnet where the washer pipes meet? No, mine was a carina e which has now been scrapped.
  2. Sounds like the pipes are blocked to me. Try some Mr muscle drain unblocker or similar in your washer bottle.
  3. Have you reset the ecu as it will have stored the code?
  4. After you have removed the wheel you will be able to see the caliper. At the back of the caliper (engine side) there is two bolts i think the are 12mm remove these then, depending on how long since they were last changed you might need to get a old screwdriver and place it at the bottom underneath the caliper and lever it upwards to remove it. You will also need a large g cramp to wind the piston in so there is enough room to fit the new pads. Hope this helps.
  5. trev3635


    Yep, you will need to remove the flexible hose and clamp it so you don't lose fluid. Then remove the two bolts holding the caliper on i think they are twelve mil. Remove the caliper and i would place it in a bucket of wd40 overnight and then see what it's like the next day. Before all this tho i would ensure that the slides are free first (where the 12mm bolts go in) and before removing the flexi hose put a large g cramp on the piston and wind it in to make sure the piston can move. Plenty of them in scrap yards. Hope this helps.
  6. Probable cause could be a build up of carbon in the engine try some engine cleaner like FORTE or similar injector probably wont help but i suppose anythings worth a go.
  7. Hi sorry for delay in responding - thanks for the advice -it all sounds way beyond me - I do have a Haynes manual but think they are a bit useless and non- user friendly! You can make me an offer if you like as I have no idea - my number is 01376 561405 if you would like more info and my location is Essex Cheers Chris Hi Chris, i did'nt realise you were in essex. A bit far for me to travel so it's not for me i'm afraid but thanks anyway.
  8. Of course you can do it! Get yourself a haynes manual. Is it the 3SGE engine? Whereabouts are you located? You will need to remove the front subframe which may seem a bit daunting but it's not that bad really. You will need a breaker bar or something like a 12v impact gun from machine mart to get the bolts undone. Give yourself plenty of time to do each individual task and you'll have it done. Any probs just ask Good luck. By the way how much would you want if you sold it as is?
  9. What you should remember is that these cars are really rare now and the people who own them might not be members of this site, so please think before you rant and rave about members on this site because if someone on here knew the answer they would tell you. Why don't you try refitting the pipes and see what works can't imagine you'll do any damage.
  10. The door panel is really easy. Prise out the electric window switch and disconnect the wiring. There might be a screw in there that you have to take out. Remove the screw from the door handle and remove the surround. on later models remove the screw from the door grab handle or on early models remove screws from the arm rest. Now use a screwdriver and prise the trim panel away from the door and lift it upwards and over the inner door handle. Is there a click when you operate the switch? Chances are it's the regulator. To remove this you will need to lower the window to get at the two regulator bolts then raise the window and use strong tape to hold it up. There are two other bolts to remove and disconnect the wiring. It's quite fiddly getting the regulator out. Having said all this, you sure it's not a fuse?
  11. You can only turn it on off by the two button remotes that you don't have. There is a thread on here somewhere on how to disable the alarm.
  12. Sorry, i meant to say; disconnect the alternator not the starter motor then you will know whether it's the alternator or something a little more difficult to find.
  13. That suggests there is an underlying problem if there is inner wear on the tyres. You should still check track rod ends, suspension tops for play etc, If you don't then you might end up having to put more tyres on in 6 months time.
  14. Might just be time for a new battery. Try disconnecting the starter motor and see if the battery still drains.