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  1. Hee thanks. Well the Toyota parts department didn't seem to really know what it was either! They were thinking it was something else, which I didn't think was right. But I appreciate they have a lot of cars and lot of parts! If you do parts do you sell it?
  2. Hello all, Anyone have an idea what part this is? It screws into the bodywork, and is by the rear box on the exhaust. I think I need two of them. However looking at the EPC, can't seem to work out what it actually is! This is 1991 Gen 5, Japanese import. Many thanks for any help!
  3. I hope a cross-post is okay. :) But to all import owners here (I have a Gen 5 Celica, but I suppose other car owners may still be able to help) what insurance company are you with please? I'm trying to exhaust all options here. I have quotes from: Adrian Flux - £640, with £350 excess. Dorset Insurance - £840 with £520 excess. Thanks
  4. Hi. To all the owners of Celica imports here, what insurance company are you with please? I'm trying to exhaust all options here. I have quotes from: Adrian Flux - £640, with £350 excess. Dorset Insurance - £840 with £520 excess. Thanks
  5. Yeah, tell me about it. My baby is in the garage and I'm just lost. I feel totally attached and protective now... Argh. What has my Celica done to me! :D
  6. I'd like to get a service for mine, but I'm always so busy spending on the repairs that I can't really afford it!
  7. I've been searching the web, but no luck in finding anything. I'm still in disbelief that no company out there is challenging Toyota's criminal pricing of a damn pipe. So my car's going into the garage again tomorrow, I think I'll give in and get it done. What else can I do?
  8. maleborn1967 The gas etc. really isn't an issue for me right now. Once this pipe is fixed, I'll need another pressure test. It may be the only pipe gone, it may be one of 20. I don't know yet. I know this could be time consuming, and costly. Hell, it might never really work as it's 12 years old. But my point is looking for alternatives. For other parts of the car, there seem to be alternatives. You get pattern parts etc. I'm trying to investigate this here, it's good to explore all options. I can't believe I'm the only one who has encountered this sort of situation.
  9. Hi maleborn1967, thanks for the reply. I noticed O Rings are on my quote... but I don't think it's that. On this image, it is leaking directly on the edge where the red arrow is pointing to. I assume that's part of the pipe assembly. But £70 for that effing pipe? It's stupid.
  10. Hi guys. Any care to give some advice on aircon? Basically mine is empty of the gas, and after a pressure test I know one pipe is leaking. Obviously, there's nothing stopping others being gone, and this could be a costly process of fix, retest and fix again. I'm not under any illusions, I know this could be time consuming and possibly I may never get there. However, I would like to sort it. I don't want it to be too costly. The first pipe I need is £76 + VAT from Toyota. This seems to have been quoted to me from my usual garage, and an aircon place I dealt with intiially. Does anyone know if pattern parts are available for such things (although I'd have thought my garage would have told me if so), or any advice on sorting the aircon out but keeping costs down? For info, my Celica is a Gen 5 '92 GT import. Thanks guys
  11. DogmaLoki


    Thanks Kelvyn. I've been fretting about what to get, so that's helpful. :)
  12. DogmaLoki


    Hi. Can anyone recommend what oil is best for a Toyota Celica GT 92? Jap import. I know nothing about oil! :D It doesn't have to be supremo-good, as I'm replacing the engine at some point, but just something that's decent enough to not wreck it anymore. I'm sure this has been asked before... but the search feature won't let me search for the word oil <_<
  13. Thanks for the offer oldtoyotasrule. But I bought the CDs from eBay a while back, and got the Haynes manual. :) I haven't actually explored the CDs properly yet though.
  14. Keeping a car clean. Erm... what's that again? My current car, if my mum doesn't wash it doesn't get washed. *LOL* I need to correct my ways. I'm sticking with 16" — it's enough for me. :D And addressing other alloy questions... I'm getting Oz Hydra. I was all decided... then the Oz site made them sound like the wheels you'd get on an old man's Robin Reliant. But I still liked them, and seeing them on a sporty red car over at the Lexus forums helped me make the plunge! :) They're 16", 205/45 and look like this: I wanted a more streamlined look... the current wheels look quite harsh on the car IMHO. As to the alloy thing in general... I am so a newbie to that too. :D I have just hub cabs on my Honda. When I heard I had a duff alloy on this new car, I thought about just getting standard wheels with hub caps *hears someone faint in the forum*. But then I realized that'd be sacrilege. So I've bought these Hydras... but I'm not really an alloy convert yet, I consider them a necessary evil. But I am getting there... and I'm learning that a car is more than a tool. I wouldn't buy a £50 wing mirror for my Honda, but have dumped over £700 in this new car in four days. I am learning! It'll be nice when the new wheels are on, I hope. :)
  15. Yes. Thanks. :) Bodywork wise it's great, with very few blemishes. The other problems I am fixing. Problems so far: buggered alloy (new set ordered), broken rear window washer pipe (fixing Saturday), nearside mirror not working quite right (need to investigate) and aircon has a leak (quoting now for the pipe). The worst thing is the alloy... but as you can see the wheels don't look that great, so I'm sort of okay with replacing them. :) And at least it's something tangible, and it'll look nicer with the new ones. I hope this is the extent of the problems. But until I get used to it, I won't know!
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