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  1. Hi Members I have a 2005 d4d 2.0 Rav 4 and I need The rear Turbo Intercooler hose, Toyota want 70.00 plus vat, I just wondered If anyone could advise of anywhere else that I could buy one cheaper please product code 17341-27040, I cant find one anywhere Thanks
  2. Hi Members hope you can help I have a 2005 Rav 4 D, today 3 warning lights have just come on battery light, diesel filter light and yellow oil light, for no reason, checked alternator belt, and oil level but really stuck can anyone help me please Many Thanks
  3. Good Evening Members I have a 2010 Toyota Rav 4 and the Intermittent wipers have just stopped working, all other speeds ok , any Ideas Many Thanks Gsk
  4. Hi yes door opening and interior light all good Thanks
  5. Hi Members hope that you can help, I have a 2007 Yaris and the headlight warning buzzer doesn't work anymore when lights are on and doors open with key out any Ideas Thanks gsk
  6. gsk

    Loss of Third Gear

    Hi Members My wife has a 2009 Toyota IQ and we are unable to select third gear any Ideas , many Thanks Gsk
  7. Hi did anyone locate a new fusible block , l need one and can't find anywhere that sells them Thanks gsk
  8. gsk

    Dashboard Electrics

    Hi Members I now know that it is a fusible link box part no: 82620-42040 , does anybody know where I can purchase this item ? Thanks Gsk
  9. Hi Members, Hope that you can help , I have a 2005 Rav 4 D which is great , yesterday my dashboard warning lights came on and my indicators stopped working, traced fault to a black electrical unit on left hand side of battery connected to battery with three wire plug sockets in bottom , I have opened up the box and found a burnt connection that had previously been repaired with solder. My problem is that I dont know what this part is called , been on to local Toyota Dealer but as yet no luck ,can anyone out here please help me find what this unit is and how I can purchase a replacement, t
  10. Hi,members hope you can help, i have a 52 plate toyota avensis which is running fine but the engine management light has just come on,i have the code read and it is p0155 oxygen sensor bank 1 can any body tell me what this problem might be, thanks for any replies.
  11. Hi can anyone plase help? we have just fitted rear brake pads and discs to a 52 model Toyota Avensis and now the abs warning light is staying on at the dashboard has any one come across this before? Thankyou.
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