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  1. ok guys i have a 1992 celica.its been standing since the end of november in a pound.but i got it back today. there is a little symbol that randomely comes up that wasnt there before on the left its like a 2 handled saucepan lol with steam coming from it whatever the hell that is... and the worst problem is the way it is so jumpy i thought it could be where its been standing so long so topped up the petrol added some injector cleaning stuf.checked my oil topped up water. then took it for run down motorway hoping it would clear it but no.approx 50 miles later its still jumpy and its driving me mad. could someone please tell what this could be?
  2. hi i have a l reg celica and its been standing for a couple of months and when i started it today it had a strange symbol on my dashboard its on the left hand side and is a little box shape with a few little wiggly lines above it. can someone please tell me what it is ?as i have no manual thankyou
  3. hello all,found this site on the hunt for info on my celica.was a subaru impreza owner so am totally clueless when it comes to toyotas..so hopefully youll be able to fill me with lots of useful info. im a girly racer lol from kent uk.and have a 1994 toyota celica
  4. hi all,im hoping i came to the right place and youll be able to help me with something thats probably going to sound totaly dumb lol. i brought a toyota celica recently on the log book it says 1993, on all other docs,like service papers,mots etc it says car year 1994 its a 2000cc and on some of the documents there is reference to the numbers: ST202 and AT200 E i have been reading and managed to completely confuse myself lol,is it a GT? what mark is it? what year is it even ? any help would be great. it looks more like 1994 that 1993 but hey who knows lol