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  1. Never easy but it's a case of ignoring the bad and rewarding the good with most little ones. Attention seeking is what it sounds like she is doing, when she doesn't get the attention from the actually not so bad behaviour (tickling) it escalates. Some good reward resources on www.chartjungle.com (free)
  2. We've got a black plastic (well more of a rubber) floor mat to go in the boot of a Rav4, I'd sell it if it haddn't had quite a lot of use and the dogs haddn't put a few scratches on it, great for protecting the boot/reducing the amount of dog hair for vacuuming, but if someone in the north east area wants to collect it from the Durham area, more than welcome to it. Needs to go within the next week as we're moving house and no longer have the car. Quite heavy so I think it'd cost about £15 to post hence I said about collecting it. Please email me on mbiuk24@aol.com if interested as I don't check here every day **E-bay Sale item removed**
  3. Just out of curiosity has anyone had to drill the rear bumper to fit mud flaps, or have the dealer given me the wrong ones??? Thanks Peter
  4. lil_me

    D4d Tuning

    First time posting here so be gentle :D Has anyone used one of these Click Here Any opinions appreciated. Peter
  5. lil_me

    Dog Guards

    Does anyone know if the cargo net dog guard from a 4.2 fit a 4.3? Also does anyone have the part number for the full bumper protector so I can stop them scratching the car Darn dogs!!!! Thank you
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