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  1. where can i get that software from mate? thanks
  2. as title states.... hi guys, i used to use this forum for advice and help but sold my corolla and i have a lexus is200 now so i dont know if Ricc is still on here. i remember that RICC was really good with photoshop and had a really good software to do all that stuff. Ricc if you see this...would you be able to tell us what software you used to do all your photoshop work? as i want to see how my car would look with different colour wheels. thanks in advance :)
  3. AUTOTRADER! i sold my car within 24 hours! :D
  4. my gear box on my 1.4 2002 corolla went at just 54k miles! wasnt happy at all!
  5. i love the honda prelude! the new shape one...the one with the long lights on the back....2.2vti......if only we could drive without insurance ayyyy! ;) haha
  6. The lexus is group 12 and my monthly payment on that is £135 which i can afford. I tried to get a quote an a TS but it wouldnt let me! Lol
  7. If u can get me insured on one then i seriously would be interested in buying your TS.
  8. cheers mate. i am after a honda civic type s 04-05 model, audi a4 1.9tdi, vw golf and possibly a lexus is200. depends on what i find fisrt that meets my needs! lol
  9. i sold my car last night after it had been on autotrader for a few days...sold for £3300 it was a 52plate 1.4 corolla t2 with 60kmiles. anyway just want to say thanks for all the help and adivce that was given my members when i posted a topic or asked questions....this is the best forum (corolla club) which have loads of active members who respond alot! lol heres a few pic of my car. sorry about the links, i dont know how to insert image into here....anyone feel free to correct it for me! lol
  10. i dont know if that msg is aimed at me.......but i have replaced my gear box and the car is runnning fine but i just dont have that confident in the car like i did when i bought it.....
  11. go on www.1stchoice.co.uk i got my gear box for £220 by using that website.....
  12. My gear box went at 54k miles.....it was a 2002 model....sell the car and look for something else... :) my car is up for sale now....i have lost faith in toyotas...
  13. Looks really nice I bet there a lot less restrictive than the standard backbox. That's why you feel an increase in power. I wouldn't mind getting one for my D4D to see if it'd free up a few extra horses. I've been quoted over £200 from Toyota for one though! I think the D4D one is the same as the T-Sport one. just to let you know that a bought a tte box for a 2.0 corolla diesel an it fitted my 1.4 perfectly with no mods or alterations.
  14. haha only one letter different! lol
  15. is there anymore? damm thats a good price for the pair? or each?
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