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  1. yeah all speakes are standared...what should i upgrade to ?
  2. tomaddo ill probably just drop in the starlet engine and go from there but i was told to drop in a celica gt4 engine there 2 litre turbo or something not quite sure <_<
  3. My stereo contains: Jvc mp3 Deck ( couldnt find a pic ) Jl audio amp - Specs @ Amp Specs JL Audio 12' w3 dual voice coil So far ive done all the wiring up throughout the car and the amp is bolted down in the boot. Im just waiting on my jvc deck to come back from jvc because somehow all the channels were blown so ill be getting that back in the next few days and once ive got that all i need is to do my boot and just wanted to know a few things: 1. with this setup will my paseo pump 2. how much db yous reckon ill be getting 3. will this be loud enough 4. will it be bassy 5. what specs should i do for the box
  4. im in australia... i was really looking for a new engine to drop in rather then bolt on a turbo... Just a few questions: 1. wats the difference between 5e-fe. and the 4e-fte ? 2. whats the best engine to drop in out of the ones you mentioned ? 3. wats the difference between 4age family and 3sgte? 4. is the 4agte 20v silver-top better then the ones you mentioned before and if so would it fit into a 94 paseo ?
  5. yeah if i was to do this what else will have to be done to adapt to the new engine ?
  6. how much would i be looking at turboing my 1994 model toyota paseo and is it worth doing ?
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