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  1. A label containing much info is stuck to the body work behind the driver's door. Grateful for some direction to identify on the label the paint colour spec number. Thanks MikeS.
  2. Hi all, I would like to top-up charge the 12V battery. The battery is not dead or anywhere near that. My charger is a Ctech machine, i.e. terminals do not have to be disconnected. Any practical way of doing this without having to directly access the battery compartment? thanks MikeS.
  3. Hi Joseph, Nice Pics. Just like on my 2007 model. I bought the 2015 year a few months ago. The screen layout etc is different and not for the better imo. The day/night mode panel simply refuses to appear. Lights on/lights off, power on/off, I've tried every possible combination. *&^%$%. It'll be back to the Toyota dealer on Monday. regards MikeS
  4. I'm having difficulty with the above light control. Problem: The light control switch (press 3 x for brightness up/down) has no effect. Checking Setup brings up Display on screen. Touching Display does not bring up the Day Mode panel which may or may not have an effect on the light control switch. Where am I going wrong? thanks MIkeS
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    Re Heidfirst's comments; that's what I was afraid of. My local dealer being 15-20 miles away. Thanks for the replies. MikeS
  6. MikeS5762


    I'm considering replacing my '07 T3 with a 2015 version. With my side mirrors folded in the car has around 6-7 inches space per side to fit into the entrance of my garage. Once inside plenty of space . Question: Where/how can I access width dimension specs with mirrors folded or opened. I'm trying to avoid having to drive a newer car to to my garage for a test fit. . My local dealer can't be bothered to actually measure up. many thanks
  7. Hi, Just recently bought a used T3 '07. 3500 M on the clock. Still new enough to wash every 2nd week. :-) 1. The panel on the dash with the warning lights. Left hand side has a silhouette of car with a key symbol in the body. This light flashes continuously when the doors are closed but not locked, with key removed. It flashes too when the doors are locked with remote key. Question 1: Is it normal to flash when the doors are closed but unlocked, with key removed. Is it trying to tell me something? Questuion 2: Does the oil sump plug require a sealer/washer when replacing the plug? thanks Mike 'I'm not young enough to know everything'
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