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    You need to keep on sending him e-mails. I don't know...maybe he is away or something or maybe he doesn't have the thermostat in stock. That was the case with my thermostat when I ordered it from Bruce. I reaaly don't know m8 if this is his normal behavior! Just "bombard" him with e-mails!! B)
  2. Astakos


    Hi mircea, I am fine!! I haven't received the sway bars yet!! It is over 2.5 months that I have ordered them and the distributor is really starting to ***** me off! Anyway, he said that I should have them by mid next week...fingers crossed!! The KW's coilovers do not have pillowball uppermount nor does KW manufactures any! Unfortunately, you have to buy them from other brands such as C-One, Tein, etc. Please keep me informaed about the flywheel issue since this will be my next mod together with TRD's clutch!
  3. Astakos


    When you first install it you do not alter the rebound setting. You leave the stock setting i.e. like it was in the box, for at least 1000 km. Then you alter it according to your liking. Take very good care when going from min-to-max. You have to be gentle otherwise you will break the metal pins that are inside the dampers and control the compression. That is, NEVER TIGHTEN IT!! ;) Now, as it concerns the settings...well m8 that is entirely up to your taste and drive conditions. If you have bad roads then be extremely cautious with the settings. I cannot totally help you with this (sinve I do not live where you live) but for discussion's shake I can tell you that mine is: Front: 1.15 turn harder than stock (boxed) Rear: 1 turn harder tahn stock (boxed) imek...the serial number of KW Variant 2 is 15256001 and in Germany costs around 1250 euro. In Greece it costs around 1450-1500 euro inc. installation. You can also have a look at KW's website: For Corolla TSport only variant 2 is available! Hope I helped!
  4. Astakos


    I know, I know m8!! It is a totaly different car indeed!! Nice choice you made! You won't regret it! Trust me on this!! ;)
  5. You are absolutely right imek. My mistake. My friend did not is me who misunderstood him in the first place. He has changed the lift point but not through e-Manage (which is not capable of) but through his stock E.C.U. He did that when he was in Japan for a field trip for his PhD. So I am sorry everybody for this silly mistake and for misleading the entire thread!! :!Removed!: BTW, imek...are you happy with the fidanza flywheel? Any problems so far especially at cold startings? Any advantages (if u know) over the TRD's or Unorthodox Racing's?
  6. Hi CTS03, I think that you will wait for ages if you expect that Toyota Hellas will ever import the CTS Compressor. Their policy so far had proven it. They never imported a Starlet GT, Celica GT4, and 20v silvertop and blacktop models. What makes you think that they will import a "forced induction" vehicle (especially TS) even if it is made by TTE? At this stage they don't even know anything about normal TSports (service-wise)...what makes you think that they will become experts on TS Compressor? Let's hope that I will be wrong...for the shake of all of us! BTW, why should you wait for the Compressor model to appear to make your mods, since as I have been telling you, I have already named specific modifications that will work perfectly with your car? And I have at least 6-7 other TSport owners in Athens that will be more than happy to back me up on this!!! There specific and tested solutions about the handling improvement of your CTS. I cannot find a reason for not following them...other than not having the money! These solutions really work!! And under no circumstance will they ever void your warranty! From the way I see it...even if the CTS Compressor comes to Greece you still won't proceed to improving your car. And I am not talking about engine mods...just the simplest handling mods. I cannot really understand (since you are unhappy with the handling of your car) what are you waiting for!!! And as mircea mentioned earlier...if you fear having these mods I will be more than happy to let you drive my car in any pace that you desire! Things are not so cmplicated...especially when you have people having done what you desire before you...but FOR YOU!! ;)
  7. Sure it runs w/o intercooler...that is also the reason it outputs only 225hp where the blitz one outputs roughly 255-260hp with a front mount intercooler! ;)
  8. Thanx m8! I will definetely go to my dealer this coming week and have the bolts checked. He will do it whether he likes it or not!!!
  9. Thanx a lot m8!! Really interesting posts!
  10. As I have been saying CTS03, first do something about you car's suspension system and then start thinking about the sway bars! If you install the sway bars while still having your stock absorbers (even with TTE springs fitted) your car will become a little "clumsy" in its reactions! I wouldn't recommend it! Just my opinion though... B)
  11. What do you mean? They were broken or u just listened to Craig's alert and went to have it checked on your own? How many miles/kms before this happened? Thanx m8!
  12. It helps a great deal Craig, but still, what the mechanic says above about the lack of experienced tuners just reinforce my point of view about the PFC. I never said that it's a piece of junk...on the contrary, I would very much want to have it but who on earth will tune it? I hope you see my point now... Anyway...thanx a million about the above statement!
  13. Greddy e-Manage is not limited at all. It is supposed to be one of the state-of-the-art piggyback computers available nowadays. It has many functions, it is not noticeable to any Toyota diagnostic tool and it can alter the VVTL-i point (I know that from a friend's TSport who has altered the lift engagement point by the use of e-Manage). Anyways...I aggree that Apexi's PFC is by far the best solution but since it is a complete stand alone E.C.U (which means you have to replace your stock one to that from Apexi) it needs extremely cautious tuning and a very experienced tuner, since he has to re-program the whole E.C.U. from scratch. Unfortunately in Greece there is no such tuner (at least to my knowledge) who would tune the PFC without causing a number of other problems. This is mostly the main "customer-tuner" problem down here, which prevents most of us from turning to that solution. That's why I chose piggyback instead PFC. The reason I chose Unichip over e-Manage was purely money-wise. I had a splendid offer by a greek tuner which I couldn't deny. For the time being Unichip is a little limited comparing to Greddy. At least it cannot alter the VVTL-i point but, as my tuner said, he is waiting for new software from DASTEK. We will see...!!
  14. I would definetely go for the Super Street one. With or without pillowball topmount is entirely up to your taste. I have heard some good rumours around but all come from the states. Noone I know in Greece has ever install Tein in his rolla/celica! But a lot of guys in are very happy with this set of suspension. They must know something. To be honest when I first bought my KWs, Tein had not released anything for my CTS. Now that it has I would have been in some sort of a dilemma as what to choose!