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  1. It's hard to believe I've had my 57 blue so long, but time flies when your having great MPG! Decided to trade the little citybug in for something with more beans and still half decent MPG - BMW 330D Coupé Big, big thanks to Parts King/Kingo/John and the team at Lindop - you guys are all diamonds! If my local Toyota Dealer had been half as good as you guys I would probably be picking up an Avensis tonight instead. So long, and thanks for all the fish. Griff
  2. I dropped the car off and while the service guy was getting keys for the car, I had a good look at the jobsheet. It said "pre-approved" - so I was pretty sure they'd decided to replace the clutch under warranty. I noted that the product code for the work was "mechanical - gossip", which made be laugh! They did it anyway, clutch is much better now, but my faith in Toyota service is not 100% restored - they still deny any knowledge of any Technical Bulletins with regards to Aygo clutches, but I know they will have had at least 3, so they're either lying or just incompetant. :censor:
  3. 57 Aygo Blue 49000 Miles Hence : Still In Warranty (JUST!) I have the clutch judder problem too. I first noticed it at the last service 40,000, but I thought it was engine related and would go away once the air filter had been replaced. It didn't go away so I thought I'd raise it this time round. The dealer are not (at this point) acknowledging any known issues with the Aygo clutch, although they admit the clutch has been revised. It's going in next Weds for an inspection, but I have a feeling that the dealer are going to try and bill me for it. Will keep you posted.
  4. I have the clutch judder problem. It's booked in for Weds to be evaluated, I understand there Is a revised clutch to address this juddering issue, but I suspect my dealer are going to be t****s about it. How have people got on with this as a warranty replacement?
  5. Thanks Kingo :) Just spoken to a local motor factor too, even they know about the upgraded clutch. Tried to speak to the dealer again to relay the new info from them and yourself, and been told the person handling it isn't available now. I wonder why? I'll report back when I know more.
  6. The reason I thought it was worn was because it's juddering badly. But I just did some searching and found this is a known issue on the Aygo and requires a new flywheel too. I've asked the dealer to look into this as a warranty issue. Cross all fingers and toes!
  7. Has anyone got this? Could do with it as I need to replace my clutch. Drop me a PM if you have!
  8. Noticed my clutch was a bit high, so asked for it to be replaced this aervice. (50,000m) Just been quoted £474 to replace it. Are they having a giraffe or what? What's the going rate? My 200SX clutch was only £250 to replace. So much for cheap motoring!
  9. There's something not right here. My discs corroded after <20,000 miles and Toyota replaced them under the warranty, I didn't even need to ask, they just did it during a service. Apparently the discs are guaranteed for 20,000 miles. You should talk to Toyota head office and get this cleared up
  10. This sounds vaguely familiar...is it a MMT? EDIT : If it is an MMT, could indicate overheating clutch. Go see Mr T. EDIT : Found the previous thread, sadly Bobbo never reported back http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=105517
  11. Sounds like an easy one : centre flap is stuck closed. When you open your window air is forced around it causing a high pitched noise. Get it to a mechanic or Mr T if it's bugging you
  12. Well, I'm sure I heard my Aygo tapping this morning, funny how it just had it's service at Toyota. Guess it'll be straight back in again if it does it tomorrow!!!!! Was there any more on this? Did it re-occur and/or get fixed? FYI - 40,000 miles.
  13. My typial MPG seems to have dropped from over 60 to 55 or lower. It's brought my average down to 59, it had been creeping towards 61. So that's a little annoying I guess that's due to warming the car up on a morning and being sat in alot more traffic and also not turning my engine off at the lights. Having the hot blower and rear demist on is going to increase load on the engine a little bit too.
  14. The seatbelt beep only happens if the car is moving and it won't stop until you put the seatbelt in, the beep start off slow then gets faster (and more annoying) after a few seconds. Try driving a for a few seconds without a seatbelt and you will hear the noise. It sounds like you may have a problem somewhere, I'd recommend you take the car for a diagnostic ASAP.
  15. I wonder if the oil is low, or the wrong grade? When was it last serviced and by who? Definatly check the oil level before you drive another mile.
  16. Yep, 57 Blue here, no leaks even when pressure washing. Let's hope I didnt' just jinx it! :!Removed!:
  17. Assuming the lamps aren't blocked (which on a new car they shouldn't be). Two things cause this 1) Washing the car with hot water Don't! Use cold/lukewarm 2) Cold weather + headlamps on. The headlamp bulb warms up the air inside the lamp cluster. This happens fairly slowly so no condensation is caused. However in cold weather the outside of the lamp get's incredibly cold and the bulb is unable to warm the section of the lens by the indicator. This creates a pocket of colder air, as the cold air and warm air meet against the plastic lens it causes condensation. This seems to happen to everyone, there's no way around it. When the weather warms up, the condensation goes away :)
  18. I managed 466 last week, to the beep. I then drove another 30 miles to the petrol station. I was only a couple of miles off 500 miles per tank :D
  19. You've paid for work and service, in this case the fitting of a steering wheel, if part of that work was for the alignment to be set then you are perfectly entitled to ask for it to be done again correctly, and they are obliged to comply. Know your rights. (in this case, Stautory). If they grumble, just mention Statutory Rights and Trading Standards, then they might realise they're being total @rses about it . ;)
  20. Ahh, bless you! Discs rust up in a matter of minutes when exposed to air+water as they are made from cast iron. This is totally normal, the surface rust is removed when you touch the brake pedal. The next time you wash your car, or drive in the rain, you will find that moments after drying the rust comes back. All totally normal
  21. Hopefully this doesn't breach any rules As there's a few Web Devs on here, and there's a recession on : I thought I'd give you a shout (and I'd love to have a petrol head to work with ) Got a position for a Web developer going at my gaff in Leeds In brief : XHTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, XML, XSLT. Working to creative briefs with good design awareness. Experience in CMS, Social networking and eCommerce platforms a bonus. PM me for a full spec if you're interested. Cheers guys Griff
  22. Nice one Adilmon. I've still not fitted mine...I think I'll get a local firm to do it for me. I've seen leather retrims done a few times on telly and they use a combination of polythene bags and spray glue over the seats. ;)
  23. But which Blue? That's the question! Lagoon FTW B) B)
  24. Been washing with warm/hot water? Try using cold! Common problem on most cars with this big headlamps. I had the same on my FTO and it also happens on Astons Martins (not that I have one!) :D
  25. My average just hit 60.0MPG. Get in ! :D Personal best is 65.7. This Aygo is paying for itself easily!
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