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  1. Sale will only cost him about £1.50 in sellers fees which is good as it is a funny joke, reason for this is he is cancelling all the bids see Bid Cancellations If he does sell at the £1000 it is currently at then he will have to pay sellers fees but you know what students are like. If ebay knew about this listing it would be suspended as you are not allowed to sell people...lol very funny though
  2. There is not a Tel mute as standard on the Corolla, you may have to purchase an Autoleads telemute lead which would switch the stereo off during a call and route the audio through the cars front two speakers. regards Terry
  3. Is this a custom mod or could you give me the name of the supplier, always handy to know. regards Terry
  4. The Autolead required is the PC6-062B and the adaptor is the PC6-209B which requires a little mod for the HCB-30 am awaiting stock of the new HCB-30 specific adaptor that i designed for Autoleads which will have the part number PC6-115B when it is released in a week or two. main lead is £47.00 inc vat and the adaptor is £11.75 inc vat and shipping is £5.50 and have both items in stock. I am an Autoleads approved reseller.
  5. there is an Autolead and adaptor that can be used with the HCB-30 and Toyota yaris, the lead switched the stereo off during a call and routes the sudio through the cars front two speakers. Did one a few months back. regards Terry
  6. Hi there, No mute on the Yaris but it is possible to use an autolead to go through the stereo and make the stereo switch off during a call and route audio through front speakers, this saves having to screw in the kits speaker, a tax disc antenna can be used for covertness and as regards a dashmount bracket would this one do? I did one of these cars about 6 months ago. regards Terry Business Website
  7. What car do you have? there are Autoleads Telemute leads to fit most cars and stereos to either mute/switch of the stereo during a call and route the audio through the cars front speakers. as regards a mounting option for the avensis, here is one but its a bit pricey Regards Terry Business website
  8. Hi , I am an Autoleads approved seller and there is no listing in the latest catalogue for a yaris fascia plate adaptor Regards Terry
  9. tThe only car kit that comes with ISO connectors is the parrot Bt kit and it's pretty pants TBH. the Sony ericsson HCB-30 BT car kit is one of the best on the market today and have fitted a few now. I have a specialised forum dedicated to Car kits My Tech support Forum ericsson Bt kit section It is possible to integrate most kits through car stereos depending on model of car and type of stereo fitted. Regards Terry Business website
  10. Normally Toyota radios are secured with 4 hidden 10mm headed bolts, quite a lot of the time you have to remove trim above and below the stereo to get access to these. Regarding power, most toyotas have a huge rubber grommet on the bulkhead that the main wiring loom goes through that allows to to feed you power and earth cables through there direct to the battery. It is not advised to use scotch loks on the radio wiring, these show up hot under a thermal imaging camera, if you can get the radio out, it is perfectly OK to take your power feeds from there provided you fit inline fuses and solder all connections. Regarding the ignition sense feature, this works on some car kits but not all phones support this feature, normal practice is to join the red and blue nokia wires together and supply both with a constant 12 volt feed from the battery. Hope this helps, haven't managed to get my hands on a new Camry yet. regards Terry
  11. Hi there, You may find my business site usefull Sio Communications Regards Terry
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