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  1. use the img code copy and paste
  2. I like this one :D x2 seen as i got it listen to these people all sounds like good advice to me :D the good news is it wont fit not screw on and looks like its for lift up reverse :D
  3. just changed from gen 6 to gen 7 so new motor :D same as felfy trd brakelight in operational mode :D
  4. its normal dont drill any holes :D
  5. itll be the filler neck pipe look underneath they tend to rot near the tank end its a replacable part from toyota i think they were about £28 iirc if its just breather part you can fix with a bit pipe smae diameter and clips
  6. i would imagine the 7afe engines would swop with little difficulty and if you run your ecu should be fine but if you go down the route of different engine then you will need ecu and maybe other bits like harness compatible to the engine
  7. very nice find love the old one and getting very rare the light thing im not sure but mine has something similar in name and when switched on it automates my lights switchs on in tunnels and getting dark etc wot you got planned is it daily driver or restoration job :D
  8. like the car it looks clean and tidy but sorry if your gonna have the eyelids get a better fitting set they look like there just slapped on and your spoiling your car imo :D
  9. erm hello. its a ss2 which comes in 3sge 2 litre . uk model fogs were on stalk and rears on switch !!! take the rear fog off post mot time. re-apply come mot time. i know its ss2 mines ss2 which is the higher bhp 3sge ss1 lower but both 2ltr
  10. if its a 1.8 st/sr the engine code is 7afse and the 2ltr is a 3sge gt/st202 and of course the gt4 3sgte as yours is import the front fog are on the stalks the rear will be a switch added some where you can modify the rear light to include the fog and get rid that fog light hanging down looks cleaner :D
  11. you could try www.cheaptoyotaparts.co.uk
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