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  1. A 1.6 engine is never going to give a noticeable power increase by upgrades such as spark plugs, exhaust, light wheels, air filter, etc, you would be wasting your money. Now - a supercharger or turbo, that would be a power upgrade you would notice. The big drawback is the insurance company are going to hammer you or not even give you a quote, especially if you are young. It would be far simpler and cheaper to buy a GTI type car with a bigger and more powerfull engine at the outset.
  2. Yes Buck, all cars with DPF's suffer now with low mpg or something going wrong, even the VAG 170bhp 2.0TDI's cars are having DPF and injector problems. I have noticed that some makers like Toyota are dropping the larger diesel engines, maybe because of the amount of complaints or the impeding Euro 6 emissions programme.
  3. Luckily the car has full history, bills, service record etc. been reading through it all and the water pump, cam belt and oil pump been changed already. Hopefully the oil pump change was precautionary and not because of failure. I've had 2 VAG's with the 1.9 engine and they are bullet proof, the water pump on them was iffy so always changed along with the cam belt, unfortunately A3's with the 1.9 engines only come with 105bhp so it had to be the 2.0 with more puff to tow a car on a trailer. Towing with Auris resulted in mpg of 20, just couldn't live with that.
  4. My friend has a 1979 1.8 Avensis, passes the mot each year 1st. time. He does an annual service with all the usual oily bits. No rust, the alloy wheels look new, does 45mpg, now upto 160,000 miles on the odo. Now and again he says he'll buy a newer Avensis, my words to him is "don't"
  5. Well, after just a few months of owning my T180, I've gone and bought a Audi A3 TDI 140, the T180 will be up for sale soon. Driving the A3 in the same manner which I drive the T180 sees 46mpg all day long. The A3 is a slightly heavier car and seems to have more power, no DPF on the car helps MPG no end. My back doesn't ache any more, the T180 seats were ultra hard, just didn't seem to fit me, or I didn't fit them . My Toyota experience has not been that exciting for me, I bought the car on a whim as it had all the toys and Sat nav, still lesson learned.
  6. Use the tyre inflator/sealant to seal the wheel. The wheel and tyre will be scrapped when the existing tyre wears down so you might as well get some use out of it.
  7. See what you mean now, mine just squeak when driving forward and only the nearside rear, guess it's time for a caliper clean up.
  8. That big bill sucks Darren, hope nothing else goes wrong. Got me worried now as my T180 has about the same mileage and is the same year.
  9. The Auris diesel engines are about the only car that cannot be reprogrammed for EGR and DPF removal, yes you can have the systems taken out but then the ECU would need to be re-programmed otherwise wanring lights would be on permanantly which will now fail the MOT test. Cleaning the EGR valve is easy as described in another thread on this forum but it's the DPF that has most effect on MPG. The add on tuning boxes seem to be the only way of improving things albeit marginally.
  10. I agree fellas, tuning something different does give you a buzz. I had a 205bhp Skoda Fabia until recently, cost a lot to modify but then hard to sell, folk like to buy standard cars and tune them themselves or keep as a family car. The Auris ecu does not lend itself to tuning, only wheels tyres suspension and brakes can be improved. I have no aspirations on tuning my Auris, it just a family runaround and towcar for the Westfield which is easily modified. Must say the Auris is a brilliant towcar, weighty and torquey, just what is required.
  11. I think you have bought the wrong car. Auris derv's are not a tuneable sports hatch by any stretch of imagination, they are designed as a family plodder. As said before the ECU is just about non crackable, only add on tuning boxes have some degree of success. If things go wrong on these engines they can be expensive to repair.
  12. DPF's are said to be a wearable item like any other part in the engine, unfortunate for us. A DPF removal company called Sinspeed say they can remove T180 DPF's on their website but when I phoned them they say they can't so now i'm confused. i wanted to be rid of mine to help with MPG. Try phoning them yourself and see what sense you can get out of them. http://www.sinspeed.co.uk/tag/toyota-t180-dpf-removal
  13. No, no, Driving any other DERV will reward you with MPG's of 35+, at almost any speed on a motorway under 100mph. 2litre 2.5litres or 1.6 litre. It is just the Auris that suffers from low mpg. I'm giving mine 1 more chance and changing the MAF. I do agree with you. VAG are not bullet proof but the Auris mpg is woeful and they are a bit "Numb" to drive.
  14. No, no, Driving any other DERV will reward you with MPG's of 35+, at almost any speed on a motorway under 100mph. 2litre 2.5litres or 1.6 litre. It is just the Auris that suffers from low mpg. I'm giving mine 1 more chance and changing the MAF.
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