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  1. Varta G7. The orientation of the terminals on the G8 and the length of the T180 battery cables means you will struggle stretching them to connect. Hello Big Kev :) FIrst week of 3 weeks of holidays and I'm going stir crazy already. Who or what is Benny Gremlin?
  2. Here you go BK: Snow forecast late Thursday and early Friday. Although it's snowing where I am just now in Lanarkshire. Depending on the compound, you may find your winter tyres feeling really soft in summer, and very bouncy and wallowy. Michelin Alpins were great in winter and had a really soft compound. In warmer temperatures, hard or emergency braking would cause the ABS to kick-in loads, as the softer compound felt as if it was "rolling under itself". ContiCrossContact Winters were a harder compound, but were designed to also run them through summer if you wanted. Vredestein Wintrac 4 Xtremes - proper winter tyre, but I know loads of folk run them all year round without a problem. And claim to get 30-40k miles out of them. As Parts-King says, the limit on running winter tyres in winter is 3-4mm, so if you can save the tread by swapping come spring, then all the better. You may also need to notify your insurer that you are running winter tyres (most insurers accept it at no additional cost). And notify them when you change. If you are running winter tyres in summer and have an accident, I'm not sure where that would leave you with your insurer. Worth asking though - I know Privilege were only concerned that I wasn't using the chunkier winter tyres to go off-roading, and they never even mentioned winter or summer use.
  3. "the RAV4 now has a conventional liftback tailgate" "the spare tyre is mounted under the rear floor, as it is in most cars" (but probably not for the UK market, or it'll be an optional extra...)
  4. MarsKy

    Big Ask

    I've used Paisley Freight couriers a few times - always delivered on time, and no problems. But I did order a set of alloys from down south this morning, and was told some couriers were struggling a wee bit because of the floods.
  5. MarsKy

    How Deep?

    How not to do it:
  6. I had a look to see if there was a warranty on the Catanias, but I couldn't find anything and I had bought them 2 years ago last week. Edit: only a one year warranty: An alternative for RoadUser is good old steel wheels: But they show size 16" for the T180 (130kW). You could check with them - £95 each inc. vat and delivery isn't too bad.
  7. Catanias: 17" and 18" sizes
  8. I'm pretty sure BlueVortex went down to 17" winter tyres on his T180 (blast-from-the-past). I don't think you can go lower than 17". The alloys Charlie is talking about are the Catania replicas. I had a set too. We both agreed they were very good quality.
  9. MarsKy

    How Deep?

    Officially, its 600mm on a Discovery 4 too, 700mm with the air suspension extended. And 700mm on the £70k, 309 bhp, 4.4 litre, TDV8, 2012 Range Rover Westminster that's sitting on my driveway just now :) Courtesy car mind; they want me to hand it back at some point I'm sure I've seen a RAV fitted with a raised air intake somewhere?
  10. Ah, my Contis. They must be on the Catania alloys too? As far as I recall I did less than a thousand miles on them and then sold my RAV. I took them off and put the OEM wheels back on so that the TPMS light was off when the buyer came round. And I suspect the buyer from Beith never even used the winter set? I liked the Contis as they are proper winter tyre but Continental claimed they could be run through the summer too (but then you would be wearing them down and have less tread for winter). Can't complain about them - played up and downhill on sheet ice without any problems. Normal road noise was better than the Bridgestones. I have Vredestein Wintrac 4 Xtremes on my Discovery. They don't appear in the top tier of the tyre awards, but they are the winter tyre that the majority of users on the Discovery forums recommend, and they are relatively cheap. They are too new and its too early to tell how they will run. But others run them through summer and there are many claims of over 30k miles on them. Nice ride though and I would say quieter than the OEM Pirelli Scorpions. But it's only after a few thousand miles that you find out what tyres are really like. One reason I bought the Wintracs was because they are pretty much available throughout the year. I have had Michelin Alpin winter tyres bought in November, gouged the sidewall in early January and not been able to find a replacement. I even phoned Michelin to be told they stopped production at New Year and wouldn't be making them again until late September. Something to bear in mind - and so I had my spare wheel fitted with a spare Wintrac yesterday. Might be worth just getting a spare tyre and sticking it in the garage just in case. Also have had Dunlop 4Ds on my rear-wheel-drive BMW estate and they were fantastic. Hill starts on snow and emergency stops downhill on ice, and no problems whatsoever. Probably my favourite of them all, but can be expensive.
  11. The BBC forecast showed snow falling over Glasgow/ Lanarkshire area... but said on the hills. But we can still hope :) WeatherOnline tends to be more accurate than the BBC and they are showing light snow on Saturday evening:
  12. baptise your new rav on saturday, big kev - possible snow on saturday do you still have your yokos?
  13. Normallly I work from home and haven't been in my base office in Edinburgh in months (nearly managed a full year last year). But they've had me working out on-sites for the last few weeks. Now - what was the question?
  14. Just got 4 x Vredestein Wintrac 4 Xtreme "snowflake-on-the-mountain" winter tyres fitted this morning. Best price was part of the UK National Tyre Network. Free delivery on a full set (although I ordered another one for my spare today and there was no delivery charge on it - so you might get lucky). They also deliver to local fitter, with fitting in their price. 45 mins and I was all done and home. Also checkout who were second cheapest. Camskills might be cheaper - if they ever have them in stock. But I don't think they deliver to local fitters.
  15. FYI: notifying insurers