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  1. cea

    Avensis roof bars

    Thanks for the reply and the offer but I didn't use the last ones so a new set would also be 'dust gatherers'
  2. Hello I've an original avensis roof bar set and I'm trying to find which model they fit, the rubber feet have 122663fl, 122664fr, 122665rr and 122666rl on them, no other markings apart from the front and rear I'd marks on each bar. Originally bought these second hand for my 2008 hatchback but never fitted, now got a 2017 estate. Thanks
  3. Hi Thanks for the reply, not really a particular rev range, it is a soon as the accelerator is pressed and the engine is under load. Even when in cruise control at 70 going up a hill it is noticeable as the car requires more diesel to maintain speed , I really can't believe that it is normal, even my Mrs. noticed the rattling.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I am aware of this but according to write ups etc the BMW engine is supposed to be more refined than the original Toyota unit. My car is noisier when accelerating than my old Avensis, our works Transit Connect van, my old Kia Ceed, my mates 2.0d BMW, you get the idea here. It's off to the garage next week, same main dealer but different branch as the garage I purchased the car from have been far from perfect.
  5. When I accelerate my Avensis sounds like a 10 year old taxi (engine noise), when cruising it is as quiet as can be. It only has 27k on the clock and I'm pretty sure my previous 2008 2.0 D4d wasn't as bad. Is this normal? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply, done that but have found that the rear speakers are really weedy compared to the front ones.
  7. After many years of owning a 2008 D4d TR hatchback I have bought a 2017 business edition estate, 20 diesel. The rear speakers seem really weak compared to the front ones, is this normal. Thanks Carl
  8. Thanks for all of the replies Gents, got a few useful avenues to try. Cheers Carl
  9. Full toyota service history, forgot to mention that.
  10. Gents My 120k (new toyota engine at 100k) 2.0 d4d struggles to start when cold, sounds just like the glow plugs but it definitely isn't. Knocks like a good un until properly warm when it is fine. Starts on the button when warm, no error codes. Bit stuck now, all advice appreciated. Thanks
  11. My Avensis starts on the second turn when cold, has to rev then settles down and runs fine, starts first turn when hot (primed?) : it has always started on the first turn no matter what until recently , not the battery and it had a new toyota engine 10k miles ago. Any thoughts Thanks Carl.
  12. Update for anyone who has a similar problem, it's the brakes: as the car brakes heat up, they start to rub causing a vibration, more prominent turning the steering wheel to the right. During my last journey it settled down until I had to slam on the anchors to avoid a 'I don't need to use my mirrors to change lane because I drive a BMW' idiot and the problem came straight back. Pads, discs and maybe callipers required, not cheap but better than a gearbox. As a footnote, I did try 'trailing the brakes' when the problem occurred but it didn't make any difference.
  13. My car has suddenly developed an intermittent speed related noise, sounds like a dry bearing, turning to the left reduces the noise, but it will stop after a few minutes, the clutch is 9000 miles old (Toyota item) and the car is as smooth as silk at speed, car has 108k with fdsh. Cheers Fellas (and Ladies).
  14. Old piece of bike inner tube and calm is restored. Thanks for the advice fella's.
  15. My 2008 65k 2.0 D4D has developed a bit of a 'booming' noise between 1500 and 2000 rpm (approx). The car runs fine and has nothing obvious wrong and was recently serviced by my local Toyota main dealer (though they are not that good) with no faults. Anyone had anything similar ?
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