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  1. I'd bet that the muffler is broke in this case. Try to block the end of the muffler and feel does the pressure is low. And at the same time try to find out where is it broken. Because I had this same problem and this was the to find it.
  2. Have you checked the brake-fluids? It just might need a little more fluid.
  3. Actually it can be done. I thought that it could be cut out and replaced with welding. Why shouldn't atleast try it? That comes a lot cheaper than buying the full front-end-muffler.
  4. I'd be scared too if I'd saw that kind-of fellow hanging above me!
  5. Well, I took a picture of that bending part and it looks like this. Has anyone got any clues how that should be fixed? Except changin that muffler...
  6. Hello! I've not found any manuals to this, so I thought that you guys might help me. So, I'm trying to change the front-end muffler to the car. The bending part is the one that is cracked up. I'm not quite sure how should it be done, but atleast there is three bolts in the front-end. And maybe at the end. So, does anyone have any kind of images/manuals that shows what should be done? And is it possible to change only that bending part for this car?