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  1. Not sure what the pin looks like, but if it is a 'roll-pin' ie like a tube formed from hardened steel with a slit down the side, you'll get them at any bearing factor. Failing that, masonary nails are very hard!
  2. Hi, A previous owner's dog has badly scratched the vinyl door trim on my 1996 Cabriolet passenger door - Is anyone dismantling similar? I need a couple of other minor items for the interior too - rear ashtray, and a plastic cover over the nearside rear seatbelt - the one at the top above the inertia reel mechanism behind the seat back. Roger
  3. Ah - whatever - lots of confusing info on these cars, 'generations' etc, I believe my father had a 'Generation 1' way back - anyhow, our car is a 1996 2 litre automatic cabriolet (Jap home market grey import) - I'll try and insert the picture I found. (I used to have a 1948 Triumph Roadster 1800 and the hood went into an 'Envelope' as it was called in the handbook - strictly speaking, doesn't a toneau cover the whole of the open car? Anyway - see the pic, and this is what I am looking for. Bye. R
  4. Hi folks, I've seen a photo of an import '95 ST205 cabriolet (same as my 1996) and it has a very neat looking cover over the hood when it is 'down'. It obviously covers the 'hole' into which the hood drops too. I want one - any ideas? Cheers, Roger Actually the car is my wife's - and she's wanting me to flog it and buy her something more modern - how do I tell her she shouldn't!
  5. Biggest prob - getting in and out with arthritis - very comfy once in though ('95 cabriolet 2.0l auto) - and yes, the passenger seat is vicious, and you must close the side windows before squirting the windscreen - and restricted vision when reversing, especially in busy supermarket car park surrounded by 'death wish' pedestrians.
  6. Hi All, When I bought my '95 cabriolet it had a stuck piston in the driver's side rear caliper. Really stuck; I had to remove the caliper and knock the piston out with a curved drift through the banjo bolt hole! I carefully removed the piston from the rubber boot, (leaving the boot in the caliper with its circlip) and stuck my finger in with some fine emery paper and polished the inside. I cleaned & polished the piston and replaced it in the caliper (getting the boot back in the groove in the piston was tedious - that's why I didn't disturb the other end in the caliper.) All was fine until recently, when I get an intermittent scraping sound immediately after braking, which disappears after a little while. Ahh! Lazy piston! So - Anyone breaking a '95 or Gen6 Jap import Cabriolet? I'd like a rear offside caliper - and possibly a nearside rear quarter window glass with the attached metal bracket and little plastic guide wheels. Oh - and a passenger interior door panel - previous owner's dog has nastily scratched the vinyl on mine. Yours hopefully, Roger
  7. Hi, Two of the three plastic 'wheels' or guide rollers which run in the guide channels inside the bodyshell, to guide the rear (nearside) window up and down, have broken up. The local Toyota agent and I have studied the parts diagram, but what we 'thought' were the 'wheels' - weren't. The part descriptions don't help. (I'll try and attach the sheet to this posting if I can figure out how). Can anyone help with advice on ordering these little 'wheels' and tips on how to fit them - I haven't dismantled anything yet, the window is temporarily jammed in the closed position with polystyrene wedges! (The wheels appear to be about 3cm diameter, 1cm thick with a groove offset from the centre - they attach to the metal bracket fixed to the window glass, and run in curved channels to guide the window up & down). Thanks, Roger CELICA_CONV__WINDOW_PARTS.bmp
  8. (1995 soft top, Gen6, Japanese home market grey import) My R/H brake lamp is suddenly out. A previous owner has run some extra wires in in this area, fed direct from the fusebox under the dashboard by the simple expedient of stuffing the wire in a slot and bunging the fuse in to hold it there. I can't see why they've done this, a circuit diagram would help - can anyone oblige with a photocopy or PDF file? Thanks, Roger
  9. Thanks both - I did the job on Monday evening, before your replies arrived - it didn't rain. The job was easy, as you say. The rear seat squab just pulls up vertically and the back is held by four accessible nuts - especially accessible with the hood down. Disconnecting the seat belt warning connectors was the fiddly bit, even with the seat unbolted! I was amazed to find a third (centre) seat belt assembly under the rear seat - three dwarves? Thanks anyway, Roger
  10. Hi - We're going away next weekend and my wife has just bought seat covers for our '95 Cabriolet - wants 'em fitted NOW! Monday - Wednesday 2nd - 4th June. The neatest job will be achieved by removing the seats. I want to go at this job forewarned about any snags in order to do it quickly - the car is outside and the weather forecast iffy. I've looked at the front seats and the seat runner seems to locate at front by only one bolt at each side , but the rear ends seems to be rivetted? OR - is there some easy way of releasing the seat from the runners? Does the rear seat squab just come out with a big tug? The backrest is presumably simply bolted in - it looks fairly primitive?
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