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  1. Shopping around is a nause but I guess thats the price of rare motoring!! I got the strut brace from Egbert as he knows his beans!! I think it cost me £80 with freight but then UPAuto put on some extra costs hidden as VAT so I cant recall the actual figure I paid............. Have a chat with Egbert and Im sure he'll be able to hook you up!! Seriously though the brace is well worth the money............. Gonna get mine lowered now!! Egberts sold me on some 40mm springs........
  2. Paseo pimp has left the building!! His URL doesnt work and his domains up for sale..............!Removed!!! I found some Jamex springs on the net for £100 incl p+p!! Whatcha reckon??
  3. Im gonna have to stick with the grey steering wheel (Boooooo!!) but Ive decided that it might be nice to sit a bit nearer the tarmac instead (Yay!!) Any advice guys?? Whos good for springs?? Whos good for fitting?? Any things I should consider before going ahead?? Am I gonna fudge my car in anyway etc etc etc.............
  4. Brands is cool!! Rockinghams nice and close to the middle of the country. Use the A1 and its a sinch!!
  5. Cheers Mellow!! Ive got 15s on mine at the moment so I dont expect a problem in the arches!! I too have another big draw on the old finances apart from my seo..........Im getting married!! Rather have a Scooby though!! Lol!!
  6. Hey Mellow, your cars cool on the 17s and on the Cupra rims (I prefer the 17s though!!)!! Have you had any problems with it since youve lowered it?? Im toying with lowering mine but Ive heard mixed opinion........
  7. What about Rockingham Raceway in Corby?? Could arrange it for the one of the ASCAR events and maybe even get on the track.............. Im a member of the track supporters club and last week we had the RX7 owners club doing a drive past so why not us????????????
  8. Get the strut brace!! I got one for mine and its tightened the front end up nicely!! Not sure about lowering it yet as Egbert reckons that the underside of the car can get a hammering but I guess thats down to the driver.......... I had a look at the Celica steering wheel last night and was thinking about swaping the Paseo airbag into it (as the Celica horn is not on the steering wheel) but the mounting harness inside is different. I guess Ill have to leave it as it is.......... Its really hard to find decent suppliers for Paseo mods!! I used to use UPAuto but I found out that they were sneaking profit through as VAT charges!! Anybody youd recomend??
  9. I think Ill have to go the retrimming route!! I really dont want to do away with the airbag just in case. Anybody got any ideas whose any good?? p.s I like your car!! Very similar to mine but Ive got a custom backbox and 6 spoke rims. Egbert Poelle at is very good for Paseo bits!! Apparantly hes just got some Denso Iridium plugs in. With the right leads (Magnecor) they give a 5bhp increase!!
  10. Im reluctant to remove the airbag and was wondering if any of the MR2/Celica etc steering wheels fit the Paseo. I was going to ask my Toyota dealership but theyre often unhelpful and my guy in the Netherlands doesnt know...........
  11. Does anybody know what Toyota steering wheels fit the Paseo? I love my ST but that grey plastic wheel has GOT to go..............