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  1. Hey, I have a Celica SS-III and need two new brake callipers. The damn thing takes different calipers to the GT and GT4 Celica sold here. I really don't want to go to Tyotoa because I'm guessing I will be paying €500+ . Does anyone know any alternatives?
  2. Is there anyway that I could tell for sure? I don't know much about cars.
  3. Ok that's good I guess since I know how expensive ss parts are. It sounds like a squeaky mattress when the car rolls while going over bumps. Any guesses on what it might be? I probably can't get anyone to look at it until the new year. :(
  4. HI, I have a celica with super strut suspension. Recently I hear squeeking from the front drivers side and the car does not seem a bit unstable when accelerating and hard. Don't think I can do anything about it until garages open again in the new year. I'm gussing this could be costly though?
  5. Hey guys. I gave up one the idea of getting a 7th gen and got a 6th gen ss-II. Love the car so far but have a few questions The car seems to be pulling to the left. I took it back to the garage and they did the tracking. But that only helped a little. I just realised that when I press down on the front passenger side shock it is a good bit softer then the drivers side. Will take it back again. But not sure if they will do it under warranty. Would a problem like this generaly be expensive? When I am on an uneven surface I have to fight with the steering a bit. Is this normal in a car with firm suspension? And finaly the steering is a good bit heavier then my old car(1999 1.3 corolla) dosn't bother me at all but just wondering if it's normal. Thanks :)
  6. Maybe I should look for a celica that has had an engine change by Toyota?
  7. Thanks for the advice Baz. Yes I was starting to think it's not worth the risk. Do the early VVTL-I models have the same problem I might be able to stretch my budget to get one of them. By the way fazzer I live in Ireland so it's probably not worth the hassle of shipping.
  8. I have been looking at buying a gen 7 vvti celica. I don't have a lot of cash to spend so it will probably have to be a pre-facelift model. The thing is I have been reading here about the oil consumption problem with this model. What should I do when looking at cars, how can I tell if it has this problem?
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