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  1. Toyota has quoted £79 for the replacement glass. 'How much' I exclaimed. Has anybody managed to get into the mirror assembly and replace theirs? I was thinking about getting one of those you stick onto the broken mirror glass. They are £8 on eBay.
  2. I have a Feb '08 2.2d with 12k miles and get about 42 mpg when the display says 48. My silver paint is good and my headlights were poor but are now excellent since I had them set FOC by the Toyota dealer to the max permitted upper limit on the beam setter.
  3. All my Discs need replacing on my 2.2d SR Feb 2008 model). Which dealer are you using? I'm using Listers at Stratford. I will ask them to check the wheel bearings. Are your Chrome wheel nuts rusting? Some of mine are and they have agreed to replace them, after much complaining.
  4. I part exchanged a 2.0 TDI Touran Sport Diesel for a Verso SR 2.2 Diesel. In my opinion the only advantage the Verso has over the Touran is the internal space made possible by the seating arrangements. The Touran is a much better engineered car and did not suffer from scored discs or poor headlamp aim. You won't beat a diesel for towing capability because of the torque characteristics.
  5. Thanks for the reply but I know of the internal roller switch adjuster, what I am after is adjustment of the unit from under the bonnet. On every other previously owned make of car, I have been able to tweek the aim of the beam by turning screws on the headlamp unit itself. I am finding the aim too low and have read complaints from other TOC members on this forum concerning poor headlights. If there is a Toyota mechanic reading this perhaps they could help by saying firstly if it is possible to do and secondly where the adjusters are located.
  6. Does anybody know how to raise the aim of the headlamps on my 2008 Corolla Verso.
  7. Check first if it is the clutch pedal position switch. With the key in the slot and button pushed once I get orange. When I then push my clutch pedal down you can hear a click at near full travel and the light goes green. How about yours?
  8. Thankyou Alp, I'd really appreciate that. The replacement disks have now shown scoring after about 100 miles, and a 200 mile trip over the weekend has not improved them :( I am stunned that this is a known issue and Toyota have not done a recall on all their affected brake pads that are in dealers stockrooms and waiting to be installed in peoples cars. You would think that just on cost grounds they would recall the pads to stop damaging those newly replaced disks. Out of interest does anybody know why it's only Toyota pads that are poor. No-one else seems to have this trouble and the ban on asbestos has been in place for quite a while. -Neil Scoring after 100 miles is just not acceptable. Are you going back to the dealer to ask if there is a permanent fix? As I understand it, if a product is faulty, it can either be repaired, replaced or your money refunded. It's your consumer rights under the Sale of Goods Act. I am still awaiting a reply from my Toyota dealer regarding my money back for the vehicle as I deemed the the car to have faulty brakes. There is no point in the discs being replaced if they score again. I agree with your comments and I can't understand why Toyota have not yet come up with a permanent fix.
  9. Have looked at your photos, and magnified them, and it is difficult to see if they are actually scored. 4392 offside front shows some darker wider rings. Run your finger nail across the disc and if there are deep grooves then it is scored. The disc surface should be flat and there will be very fine marks but there should not be deep grooves. Have a look at other makes of used cars discs and compare yours. On my Verso on the front offside I have at least 8 grooves (rings), of different widths and depths across the face of the disc. My car had done 2000 miles when I noticed them. How many miles has your verso done? Out of interest what model is it?
  10. Neil, what grade of oil? and is it fully synthetic or semi-synthetic? This will affect the price.
  11. Neil, When I next see the dealer I will ask about the bulitin reference number. In the meantime would you keep an eye on your new discs and post back if they start scoring again.
  12. I bought the car second hand 4 to 5 weeks ago (Verso 2.2 diesel 2000miles, 3months old). After reading this thread I checked the car to discover scored discs. I have written to the supplying Toyota dealer. Why was I sold a car with a known brake problem?They have agreed to replace all the discs and pads under warranty but I am not prepared to keep having the car messed with for ever and a day as some of you report the problem keeps re-occuring. Regretably, I have asked for my money back if a permanent fix is not available.Toyota should have undertaken brake development tests before releasing the vehicle on to the market, so they should have known of the problem or is it that a component supply problem exists. I have seen a current showroom model showing marks where the pads have already started to mark the disc. This indicates that they are still producing cars with this issue.The Corolla Verso is not a new vehicle, is there anybody out there who does not have scored discs to establish when the problem started, or is this already known?
  13. Yes, I thought of this too. I pressume your Yaris's body stays level and the wheels go up and down within the wheel arches, yet with ours its almost like the shock absorbers are stuck and the body is going up and down rather than the shock absorbers doing their job. I can always ask the dealer for a drive of their demonstrator to see how a new one feels. thanks for the reply.
  14. I have just driven 120 miles in my wifes 2007 Yaris, 1.4 d-4d Zinc, with 8000 miles on clock. It's like driving a bucking bronco (I'm sure it wasn't like that when we bought it 6 months ago). Is this normal or has something gone wrong with the suspension? Has anybody out there had a similar experience. All suggestions greatly appreciated before I go to the dealer.
  15. Why did you need to fit Xenon filled bulbs? What I am finding on my Verso is that the aim of the beam on both dipped and high beam setting is too low. The dealer says they cannot be adjusted. Does anybody know different?
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