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  1. Hello all, advice required please peeps. My gen 6 celica st's abs light has started flashing at standstill. When i turn the ignition on the abs goes through it's usual check (lights for a few seconds then goes out), however when i start the car it begins flashing continually until i pull off at which point it goes out until i pull up again, then it starts flashing again, it does this every time the car slows to a halt (junctions, traffic). The abs works (i've checked), so i'm a bit confused as to what could be causing this??? Thanks in advance, Rich
  2. if i remember rightly (put a blue dash in mine) they are t10 (194). I'm 99% sure thats correct. Cheers, Rich
  3. If you've got your heart set on lowering it then yes, i'd say so......although there are front splitters available that aren't as low or sit quite as far forward as mine available. I guess it's a case of 'suck it and see', but i wouldn't be entirely surprised if you lower it and fit a front splitter, that sooner rather than later you'll be picking it up off the road :0( if it's your only car (like mine) and not a weekend toy i wouldn't recommend doing both.
  4. hello mate, i'd fit the bodykit first and see how you go, i'm running standard springs with a bodykit and still have trouble grounding out here and there. Mainly the front splitter in multi-storeys and getting off drives where the road is cambered towards the kerb, it's stopped me lowering me beasty as it would be unusable where i live, cheers derby city council for spending me taxes so thoughtfully. Its due to how far back the front wheels are set relative to the front of the car, ya canna change the rules of trigonometry i'm afraid.
  5. .......be aware that your 'mint cloth interior' isn't going to have any brackets left on the seat rails when you come to sell it mate! :P Oh, top-tip-- remember to cover ya carpets with damp towels when ya tacking em in position n try and remove all paint around the area ya going to weld.
  6. hello mate, It is possible, i did it a couple of months back, there's a thread (and photos) in my profile...... A chap called ben mellor has done a run down on 'club-celica' thats well worth looking at. Its not the easiest job in the world as you need to drill the brackets off the front seats, leaving just the rails, fix the old brackets to ya car, pop the new seats on top, tack weld them in position, then remove them and weld them fully. You'll need a mate to help you, battery drill with a good supply of quality bits, a grinder, and a portable mig welder.... Its a bit of a daunting job for the average joe to be honest, It takes a steady saturdays work but it's well worth the effort, it's totally transformed the feel of my interior. Oh, as a bonus tho, the rear benches slot straight in. Any questions, drop me a line, i'd be happy to help. Cheers, Rich :D
  7. hello mate, i've got a nice grey cloth interior you may be interested in as i've put leather in mine so it's sat in the loft, the only problem being that i've lopped the brackets off the front runners to fit the new uns on, if you've got your original seats this shouldn't be a problem, i'm in derby so it's not a big treck if you want to come n have a gander? Cheers, Rich
  8. Hello mate, Mine went about 6 months ago, couldn't find a cheap enough replacement. After a bit of scouting about the local breakers for something similar i pulled one off a deawoo nexia (!!) with a bit of jiggery pokery and swearing, its now been working fine since. The nexia one has three connections to the celica's two, what you need to do is open the aerial up and solder the connections directly to the motor, bypassing the inbuilt control circuitry so its just using the celicas seperate control box. cost me a tenner and a couple of hours work. Cheers, Rich OH, i think i may still have the old aerial (internal plastic gubbins are all shagged, but the motors fine if of any use to you?)
  9. hello mate, Not too sure about the rest, but the spark plugs are of a smaller type than is used on most cars (though they are the same as alot of 'bikes) They will require a 16mm spark plug socket and say a 10" extension bar and ratchet to remove them. An old trick to gain efficiency when fitting new plugs is to mark on the side of each plug where the electrode gap is facing, then when fitting the plug align this as close to facing the inlet side of your engine as possible whilst making sure the plug is tight enough. This way the spark isn't shielded from the mixture entering the cylinder and a cleaner burn is achieved. The results aren't quite so noticable in a car, but i've been racing gp250's for a few years now, fickle things that they are and you can feel the difference. Some may argue about achieving correct and uniform torques across the cylinders, but if it's tight, it's tight in my opinion. Cheers, Rich Oh, just a thought, some tool manufacturers qoute a 10mm spark plug socket (draper, for example), not a 16mm, but they're exactly the same tool. not sure why they do this?
  10. hello mate, I fitted a set of gen 7 leather seats to my st, the thread and pics are in my profile, a chap called ben did a step by step run down (its on club-celica) of how to do it. It's a steady saturdays work and you'll need a welder, a set of seats (obviously), and a spare mate to lend a hand/extinguish minor fires, but in my opinion the results are better (cus the seats are a nicer shape) than having oridinals re-covered. Cheers, Rich :P Oh, and i picked the lot up, 2 fronts and the rear bench for £150 sheets, so with a bit of haggling you're gunna save money and have full leather as opposed to just the fronts. aye.
  11. Hmm the wonders of technology....... couldn't paste a valid linky-link on the avatar editor....... As it turns out, when viewing the photo's in my gallery there's an option to 'set picture as avatar' so simple it's brilliant. just like me :P I shall keep me beady peepers peeled for yon motor chap, although i have got a nasty case of tunnel vision (i prefer to call it 'focus'), so don't be offended if i tootle on by without so much as a nod. Cheers, Rich
  12. As the proud owner of one such beasty and regarding how to make em faster. Have you tried "beachy head" ? Driving off it does the trick. Failing that, k&n 57i induction kit, decat n a backbox is about ya lot bud. If ya gunna spend any more, sell the car n buy a gt with the difference. Cheers, Rich ;)
  13. aah..... jus noticed me personal photo doesna show when i post a message.... howd ya do that then?
  14. oakwood lad eh? giz a flash as ya go past :P
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