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  1. ahkiu

    Yaris Tires

    Ring around your local garages and compare to www.etyres.co.uk Make for make i found etyres a little cheaper than my locals. Trying them for the first time this monday, they deliver the tyres to your address and fit them on site. However if you don't need fitting, www.mytyres.co.uk is very cheap and have a big range.
  2. it gives me a good feeling driving a diesel when my local garage is selling petrol and diesel for the same price :D (99.9 /litre !!! ) A garage further up sells diesel 1p cheaper than petrol ! Haven't seen diesel cheaper than petrol for god knows how long !
  3. ahkiu

    Window Seals

    i had the same problem with my yaris too, it seems a very common problem. Have had both sides redone once. The rubber/plastic they use seems to warp and reshape away from the bodywork. My cars out of warrenty now though so i'm going to leave it, if i don't think about it it's not a problem. ( there is no spoon ! :P )
  4. I drive anywhere from 50miles to over 100 miles a day, on a mix of 50% in town / 50% motorway at 70mph and the best i've got so far in this summer weather has been 64mpg. I'm a real geek when it comes to my mpg and over the 3 years i've owned the car i've always calculated the mpg after each fillup. So far i find i get the best economy using shell diesel extra. I've tried supermarket fuels, bp ultimate, esso etc etc ( i live in a town that has all the major garages so i get the chance to try them all :P ) but always i get my best figures when i use shell diesel extra. This week however i filled up with tesco after i found out all tesco garages in the south east supply B5 biodiesel (that's 5% mix) as standard. So far it looks like it still won't beat shell, I'll give it a months trial and if i can manage at least 60mpg i'll stick to it as i prefer the reduced ( if only every so slightly ) impact it has on the environment.
  5. thx for the reply i'll have to mull it over :) In this summer weather i've been getting 60-63mpg not bad at all :D
  6. hi all, i'm considering a tuning box on my (old version) yaris D4d, but just want to know how have people found their fuel economy after setting it up? I drive over 100miles a day so good MPG is pretty high on my list.
  7. i have the tns200 system in my yaris, it's by and large fine ( i don't get lost anymore :D ) but if i was going to consider a new sat nav for my car, i'd go for a third party solution. Because it's 1) much cheaper than the toyota sat nav 2) portable when you change cars and 3) the ones i have used are generally better than the TNS 200 system in my car. i'd suggest the tomtom to go, i'm considering that myself when it's time for me to sell the yaris :)
  8. looks like a daihatsu charade to me
  9. ahkiu


    i'm on track to put 30kish in a year on my d4d yaris. that's why i didn't get a tsport :(
  10. thx for the thoughtful thread, i've been wondering about clay lately as i do a lot of motorway work and the front is covered in insects usually. :)
  11. ahkiu

    Millers Oils

    i see a noticeable difference in noise and smoother/better acceleration with shell diesel extra and bp ultimate. However the bp stuff is sold at a premium so i fill up with shell everytime :)
  12. there are various chips for the d4d availible to up the performance a little (do a search on this forum) but from what i understand it reduces economy and low end torque a little. Another cheap and far easier upgrade is shell diesel extra. has anyone else used it? I really do notice a difference, acceleration is smoother and a little better, noise is down and i noticed a couple of miles better economy per a gallon. It's the same price as regular diesel as well :D one of the annoyances i have with the d4d is the body roll and understeer. But those really can't be helped with the tall yaris body and heavy diesel engine up front. I haven't done it yet but i think if you lowered the car with some better suspension might help a lot on the handling front. let us know how things go :)
  13. i drive a d4d :) getting a ok 51mpg on a 50/50 town and motorway drive. Just on the motorway i managed 57mpg. not great but i have a heavy foot :D
  14. that interior looks like its wearing a pair of jaguar undies :D