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  1. What sort of increase are you seeing and how can you be sure? To be honest Mike not a great deal but there again for around only 36p a gallon difference I don`t expect it. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on big extra miles! Mike
  2. Does it? What sort of increase are you seeing and how can you be sure? Mike
  3. Not had any issues with my Auris HSD in the last 25 months. The "metal" sound is from (I believe) the inverter and is normal - but best get it checked out to be sure. Mike
  4. I put in the cheapest and haven't noticed any adverse effects - I often use Asda at Milton Keynes and Kettering but Morrisons and others are just as cheap so I definitely don't have a favourite. I'm a bit confused about the timings, wouldn't the new fuel mix with the old stuff almost straightaway to make some sort of concoction? I wouldn't expect the car to use the old stuff then move on to the suspect fuel from Asda Mike
  5. I've not had that problem. Sometimes get people flashing my DRLs :)
  6. Doesn't it look like the Lexus CT200h?
  7. LOL!! Is this a new noise? If not then it's probably just the HSD waking up. As soon as you open the driver's door it starts to prepare itself for the next fuel saving journey by bringing various systems online. Try driving, stopping and shutting down; sit in the car for 20 minutes and it makes all sorts of strange weird shutting down noises! I hope it's nothing more serious. Mike
  8. I'm entirely happy with mine (September 2010) and wasn't appear of a spec change for 2012. Other than servicing it's been back to the dealer just once - for a driver's door window seal that came loose at the top. Mine's a T-Spirit with SatNav so can't help with the plug and play of the unit. Enjoy! Mike
  9. ashpole

    Airport Parking

    I left my Auris HSD two long periods, one of four weeks, the other five weeks. Both times the HSD went into a deep, deep sleep and shut down things like the touch lock/unlock but the keyfob worked fine. Other than that, the car started up and performed normally, I can't think of anything that would make the Prius Gen 3 any different. Mike
  10. I normally keep my key in a trouser pocket and have only experienced similar things once - that was when my wife had left her handbag, containing the second key, underneath the passenger seat without my knowledge! Mike
  11. LOL! I thought that was quite good, Jubilee weekend and the flotilla ending at the Tower of London! Enjoy!
  12. TBH if you are used to an automatic, you wouldn't be putting the car into Park at traffic lights. I don't.
  13. Well done, enjoy! As GC says, don't panic! I wonder if you're used to driving an automatic? It'll become second nature to apply the brake when starting and selecting drive/reverse. I keep my tyres at 36 PSI (cold), it does make a difference. Any questions then ask away, that's what we're here for. Mike
  14. There is definitely a way to provide a USB socket because Toyota authorised its installation for me. The sound quality is good, I've never heard the premium Toyota option that's available on the Prius to do a comparison but do enjoy good quality audio - which the Auris HSD has. Mike
  15. Now that would be a good deal! Yep, per month for five years. Ashpole, I see that you have the full NAV option on yours, could you confirm whether your unit has USB connectivity and also can you just plug in a USB stick into it that contains songs in folders? Also could you give a quick review of how this unit performs in NAv and for music handling? Many thanks. There's no USB socket on the T-Spirit with SatNav - go figure! I discussed at some length the loss of it with Toyota, they finally agreed to fit one FOC, but I'd made my point and declined their offer as I didn't want to risk dash-rattle! However, my iPhone 4 works just fine over BT for music and phone calls. There's a long standing issue about not being able to transfer contacts from the iPhone to the SatNav but it's never bothered me - I don't have many friends ;) The SatNav is fine, the maps can be out of date as Toyota are not the fastest animal on the plantet with updates, you can buy an upgrade DVD or work it into your purchase deal. The button layout around the screen is, to me, not intuitive and I'm always hunting for the right button - made worse by a good layout in the RAV I had previously. Mike