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  1. Hello everyone, I have a tiptronic '98 Caldina GT-T and I was wondering what was needed in a manual conversion. I realise that this has been done a few times before, but I couldnt find much info on the subject. I have a manual gearbox from a Caldina GT-T, and I was wondering what else I'd need. I understand that the front half shafts are different on the manual car to the auto. So far the complete list of bits I'd need so far include: Manual box, front halfshafts, clutch bits, gear shifter and linkages, and a smaller brake pedal etc. What I need to know is if I can use the existing ecu, with the transmission loom simply disconnected, or do I need the ecu from a manual car? Is it just a matter of removing the auto trans and bolting the new stuff in, or do I need to go bridging certain wires etc to get the computers working properly?
  2. Hi there, I am looking for some info on the gearbox for the manual Caldina GTT, ST215 as I am looking at putting one into my st185. What I would like to know is the gearbox model number, and more importantly, all the gear ratios. If anyone can offer any assistance or info, it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. try disconnecting the battery for 20 seconds or so, and try again. This will erase any stored error codes. And when you check the timing, are you remembering to bridge TE1 and E1 in the diagnostics port? This gives you the base timing value and it should be 10 degrees BTDC.
  4. I have a 1990 ST185, and the factory brakes suck. I replaced the twin pot calipers with newer single pot calipers and that offered a bit of an improvement. I am now thinking of installing a pair of 4-pot calipers from a Hilux surf. What I'd like to know is if they will fit, and if I can get the hilux rotor re-drilled for five stud hub, or if there is an alternative. I have heard of a similar conversion on corollas and old celicas and coronas, and they mention using a Peugot front rotor. What peugot is it from and will it suit what I plan?
  5. Update: I decided to start it and remove the oil cap. Instead of seeing oil flowing around, there was just lots of pulses of air coming out of the oil filler cap. So the only conclusion I can come to is that the oil pump is being starved of oil and is pumping air, which I find very strange after having checked the oil level at the full mark. Any suggestions?
  6. hi there, my car has recently had its head gasket replaced. Went to fire the car up and it started fine, but I noticed that the oil light did not go out. So i have low oil pressure, but I dont know why, but I have a few ideas. Bits of metal/debris/muck could have fallen down the oil galleys, but before I started the car, I flushed out the whole oil system with fresh oil and then filled with more fresh oil. After I re-filled it with oil, I noticed that on the dipstick the oil level was about 2 cm above the Full marking, so it was obviously way overfilled. What I think has happened is the crankshaft churned and aerated the oil making the pump unable to pump oil. I cannot think of anything else apart from a faulty pressure sender, but it was working fine before the head gasket job. If anyone has any help, that would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to drive it until that problem is fixed.
  7. can someone please tell me what is the recommended torque for the studs holding on the exhaust manifold?
  8. Yes, but that means i need to pay for machine work, and new pistons and rings, and new conrods etc and I am very short on cash.
  9. My celica needs a new block because the current one is scored, and I cant afford to get it bored and new oversized pistons and rods etc, so I figured just replace the block. It is an st185, with a gen 2 3sgte. can i use the block off a 3sfe?
  10. Hi all, my car is an st185, 1990, and 130,000 km. I have gradually noticed declining power levels, to the point i could barely accelerate above 70 km/h. And once it popped a coolant hose and spewed coolant everywhere and there was lots of smoke from the tailpipe. With help from an experienced mechanic, the head has come off the block and been inspected. He told me that the bores have been re-honed and the pistons have been re-ringed etc, but there are some scuff marks in the lower part of the bore. I have purchased a new gasket set along with a new steel head gasket. The car smoked when hot at idle, and gear changes and had little top end power. The turbo is absolutely rooted with too much shaft play and bung oil seals. My friend told me that I could get a replacement block, get it bored out and get oversized pistons, or just put it back together. He said that since it had been re-honed and re-ringed, he said that the bores are fine, and the scuffing would only become an issue after about 50,000 km. I need reliability, but I have very limited money and cant afford to get it bored and new pistons and rods, i probably couldn't find a replacement block. I'm thinking if I just get it re-assembled, with new gaskets etc and a re-cond turbo, keep it for a while until I have earned enough money to buy a good condition faff or maybe a supra. If there is any other info that I have missed, just ask me.
  11. I love my 'four.....ST185. I'm getting a steel head gasket put in this weekend, and a boost controller and gauge. fun time!
  12. Today i pulled the straight air intake off the turbo, and in the bottom was a whole lot of oil in a puddle along the bottom of the intake. I know that its not a ringlands problem etc because I installed an oil catch can on the PCV breather with clear hose so I can see if any oil mist makes it past the catch can (which none has- the hose is perfectly clear). This leads me to think that my turbo is due to be re-conditioned? I cant think of any other possible way the oil could have got in there.
  13. soon my 185 is getting a nice new steel head gasket, a boost gauge and controller and some other goodies, and now I have been given the chance to buy a reconditioned st205 head. how much modification would be needed to install the st205 head, and would it give me any performance benefits?
  14. Yeah, i know the the fmic is generally the best, but i dont want to go down that route as its expensive, and the turbo and throttle body being where they are means very long pipework and considerably more lag. And the CS chargecoolers are too hard to come by second hand in NZ, only guaranteed option is toyota dealer, but it would cost the earth for that and pump and radiator etc. If i can get a second hand one then great. Out of curiosity, who here has a fmic on their gt4? How much more power do you get and how much lag is there typically under hard boosting?
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