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  1. If you live in a built up area or a city then the choice should be hybrid. For motorway or more higher speed driving the turbo would be better suited. You shouldnt have problems maintaining either as I'm sure Toyota would have a warranty in Iran as well? Toyotas are generally solid cars and after 5yrs if you still have the car it would be a more common sight for your local independent garage. Turbo or hybrid... The cars fueling/map would be suited for local envoriment and available fuels. I wouldn't worry. Test drive both cars and decide from there which best suits your driving style. Enjoy
  2. Looks very nice!... Congrats ! :)
  3. I'm looking at getting this but am waiting for 17 plate.. Hopefully there might even be discounts around once the big hype has calmed a little. I've never brought a car at full RRP.
  4. thanks for the photos. hopefully will be seeing it this weekend. :)
  5. Congrats! looking forward to the pics... I cant make my mind up between the Excel or Dynamic... I like the LED lights as i think they look better??.. car looks more modern?
  6. Have you got any photos? Did you sit in the back? From the initial reviews i've read the rear seem to be tight and enclosed with not much light for the rear passenger.
  7. Just got a reply back from http://www.car-keys-online.com/. Quick reply as i only just emailed them..! "It’s not listed on our website as we generally only stock these for a locksmith business. The chip type is 4C and the internal remote is Valeo." So there we go... mine was a 4c chip. Sorry for hijacking your thread Wheel2Turn.
  8. That key is physically the same but the last 6 digits of the model are different, so the chip may be different as well. After all the reading ive done im pretty sure that the 4d chip cant be programmed manually so my car must have a 4c chip. For reasons of completeness and general knowledge im going to email the website and see what options they come back with. I'll be shocked if its a 4d transponder. Look like ive been lucky in that the two cars ive had to buy new keys for have both been 4c chips and both required different manual programming methods, Rav4 05 reg diesel & Corolla 56 reg 1.6 petrol.
  9. Yes it says R89071-0D010 on the back of the unit when opened The key blade is toy47 model (corolla or yaris only i believe) 433.92 Mhz fq Whats model is your rav one?
  10. great post!.... Just to add there is another way to program keys onto the EUC's immobiliser list. Put Master key in and out of ignition for 5 times. Finish with key in ignition (in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in) Open and shut door for 6 times Remove Master key (security light should be on constantly), insert the new key. Leave for 60sec After 60sec security light should stop flashing, then start your car. Take key out Open and shut door If you make a mistake at any point in the procedure, use original key to start the car. Take the key out, open and close door.
  11. Hi guys, Thinking about buying one of these and so far ive only seen a demo test car on the road (here). Would need to sit and feel the car before ordering a new one, before the rush . Luckily Toyota are previewing the car to Joe public, Toyota Website link. Toyota C-HR is visiting UK cities over the coming weeks Newcastle - Grainger Street 14 October – 16 October London - South Bank 21 October – 23 October Birmingham - Bullring 28 October - 30 October Lets hope its up to all the hype they are making about this car.... 5.9% apr on finance and Hybrid as well. P.S. i'll be going to the Birmingham event if anyone wants a mini meet there ..haha,
  12. its was : 89071-0D010,Toy47, 433Mhz, 2 button remote. still trying to figure out if its a 4c or 4d chip...
  13. Thanks for the reply.. The speedo isn't smooth and jumps up/down when driving.. Thought it was a simple clean the connector job but sounds more tricky now.. Yes the car has abs.. And no warning lights are on. Humm.. :)
  14. Hi guys, Ive been having a few speedo related issues so wanted to check the wiring on where the speed sensor comes from the gearbox. Had a look in the engine bay and thought i pulled out the connector for the speed sensor (top of gearbox on the right hand side of the engine bay under air box) but my speed still work as before. Can anyone tell me the exact location of where it is in the 1.6 manual engined car? Thanks as always. J
  15. OK guys, ive been busy..... Ive just reprogrammed my 2nd hand ebay bought, but genuine, Toyota key to work the central locking and immobiliser without any Techstream software.!!!! Im pretty sure my car has the 4d chip and all the programming instructions i used for my old rav (05reg, 4c chip) didnt work on this car....but then i stumbled across this: Big thanks to Raistlin "clickable link" ------------------ STEPS: 1. Begin by sitting in the driver seat with all the doors shut. 2. Insert your working master (black) key in the ignition. 3. Very Quickly, turn the key from "LOCK" to "ON" 5 times. (You will end with the key in the "LOCK" position) [the 5 on-offs just need to be < 1 second each (you can hear something switching in the engine bay after 1 second switched to on - you've probably just got to beat that).] 4. Immediately, open and close the driver door 6 times very quickly. (End with the door closed) 5. Immediately, remove your working Master Key and insert your new Master Key 6. Turn the key to the "ON" position and leave it there while you wait for 1 minute. 7. After the minute, if you want to program another key, just remove the first one and insert the next one, turning it to "ON" and leaving it in position for 1 minute. 8. When you are through programming keys, just take the last one out, open and then close the driver door to lock in the programming, and your done. Programming Sub Keys (Grey) is done the same way except you turn the master key 4 times before you open and close the door 5 times. Then insert the sub key, turn to the "ON" position, and wait your minute. Finish by removing the key and opening and closing the door 1 time as before. --------------------- I now have two fully working keys. Remember the key thing here (excuse the pun) ive used a old used transponder chip and the immobiliser picked up that code and just added it to the ecu list. You dont need to buy a brand new transponder chip... dont let the Stealers make you buy new chips/keys.. old ebay keys work just fine as long as the numbers on the back of the module are the same... Happy days