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  1. Waiting for parts from Japan ?. They don't seem confident about doing the job or don't have anyone trained it seems to me - unless they have ordered an official Toyota memory stick ! Maybe you should contact Toyota and ask them why so long ? The dealer I used is sorting them in just over an hour now. They have to check which ECU and software level to know what to apply and then if they have it already it is straightforward. Otherwise they have to download what they need. Maybe your dealer has ordered replacement ECU's in case it goes wrong, apparently at least one dealer has installed Prius software on an Auris and wiped out the ECU which has cost the dealer a fair amount. I believe that the original article discussed the ECU overheating and I believe this why the advice that it would only be a problem on longer runs when the car gets hotter but then the summer we are having that appears to be unlikely.
  2. Dealer's advice is that it might only be a problem on a long run and not worth worrying about for smaller journeys. The job will get quicker when they have found the files and don't need to download afresh. Takes them about an hour to pull down files they need. The good news is that it doesn't lose any of the customisation such as changing the reverse beep to a single beep.
  3. Appreciate this, however the Toyota website shows that both our cars are subject to recall. Until I speak to dealer next week I can't be exactly sure which recall but it does appear to be a coincidence. might struggle to get a letter about my wife's car as DVLA haven't processed V5 sent to them at the beginning of June although they confirm they have it. Prevoius owner unable to sign new keeper form as his ashes are in our spare room.......
  4. Got a text from dealer today asking me to contact them about recall - didn't say which car, we have two hybrids, 1st and 2nd gen Auris. Found a link searching so it looks like it is two trips to dealer for me - to get ECU software updated.
  5. This sort of thing happens on my Auris if I wash the car with the key in my pocket. So now, before I go out with the bucket, the key stays in the house. Haven't noticed this in the rain and we have had more than enough of that !
  6. Ian, In answer to your points: 2) Yes, very annoying, was driving me mad 3) The dealer has to change the beep (most do it at no charge) and the single beep is enough when you go into reverse. I do have the full map sat-nav so notice when the display changes to the camera. Peter
  7. It finally stopped raining so I could have a look at the 12v battery in my Auris (1st Gen) - but as GC said earlier, unable to see a capacity, possibly covered by retaining strap and it is too damn cold to get tools out just for a look. Might try when the sun comes out again ..... Peter
  8. 44 mpg does sound low, my lowest on a tankful has been 46.5 in cold weather but overall in the last 9 months I have averaged 53mpg which I can live with, especially as a lot of the mileage I do is short journeys. The best advice is to check the tyre pressures but I wouldn't advise over-inflating them. Not sure about cruise control helping, have seen other people criticise it but in my own experience if you encounter an uphill stretch the cruise will make the car work harder to maintain the speed whereas your foot might let the speed drop a little. Really, the better place to ask for advice is the hybrid forum although quite a few of us monitor more than one forum. Peter
  9. Timberwolf, thanks, understand that being a retired field engineer. Fortunately up to now I have been lucky battery wise and only ever had one failing cell in numerous cars. Any idea on the battery capacity ? Is it 45Ah in the Gen 1 Auris and 35Ah in the new 2nd Gen ?
  10. Sorry, realised that you have the hard drive version rather than the DVD based system I have now in the Auris and previously had in the Gen 2 Prius - that does let you see which version disc you have. Best of luck with it and with the M3 - knowing that area I know that it can get very busy and is easy to be pushed into the wrong lane or not easily change lane.
  11. Sorry to sound thick and ask this but I am right in thinking that the 1st Gen Auris HSD that I have is fitted with a 45Ah battery but the 2nd Gen which is having problems is fitted with only a 35Ah ? Sounds like they are going to have a huge problem to fix on the Gen 2 if the space is too small ....... When I first read all these posts it looked like a design fault in either the charging circuitry/software or something specific to the battery rather than just the smart entry draining it.
  12. Isn't there a 2nd screen from the sat-nav menu which is easy to miss ?. Seem to remember that is what mine has something like 2/2 ?- I would check outside but it is dark and cold !
  13. Think I see the problem now, should be OK looking at Google maps. One idea - have you got it set on shortest route rather than quickest ?. It should really stay on the M3 and M27. Another way round it, provided you can do this on your sat-nav, is to program in an 'avoid' point. I have had to do this on mine as it tries to take me down a road that has been closed to traffic and is only for pedestrians and cyclists. Peter
  14. Really pleased with mine - had no trouble at all (think the 2011 model has a better battery than the new model) You will notice the boot has less capacity but we find it OK. If it has the factory reversing sensors get them to turn the reverse beep warning off or it might give you a headache !
  15. I reckon it is split roughly 80:20 with the section nearest the door flat and the outer smaller section convex - but someone may have a more complex description. Out of interest, why are you asking ?
  16. I don't think much has changed in a long time. Although I reckon Toyota are good cars compared to others I have owned, I have never rated their customer relations when you have a problem. In 2000 I bought an Avensis D4-D which went well, was good on fuel, but made a ghostly noise intermittently. It drove me mad and one day my wife went out but came back home due to the noise as she didn't trust the car. Car went to dealers more times than I care to mention, had my own courtesy car which I got to know very well. Toyota did nothing to fix it, only wrote a condescending letter to say the noise was 'like a clutch squeak, only less'. From this you would think it a little noise that you struggled to hear, probably when all was silent - no, you could hear it above the engine at 50 mph amongst all the wind and diesel noise. In the end as Toyota GB did nothing I traded it in for a Honda Accord - that was a good car. Although I have gone back to Toyota and there are two outside, I have no faith in Toyota GB customer relations and haven't had for 13 years. Being positive, it is all about being the right price, Honda have gone very expensive and are suffering as a result, Lexus charge such a premium. Of course, you could get a French car for much less but then your problems would really start - believe me. One car I put in for repair broke again on the way round from the workshop to the reception !
  17. I normally leave my wipers in the 'Auto' position and forget about them, leaving them to work as required. (Had a Renfault where you always had to turn them off and then back on which was silly) This morning we had nice coating of ice on the windscreen, almost like frozen rain. I am used to not using the wipers until the screen has de-iced due to the damage that can be done to the wipers and possibily the mechanism. Just as I scraped the windscreen at the bottom, near the wipers, the wipers decided that they were free and also required as the sensor was covered. When they burst into movement it made me jump and didn't do the rubber blades much good as they scrawped across the ice. Have moved the wiper stalk from the 'auto' position now and will try and remember to do this everytime I park overnight in the colder weather. Thought this might be of use to someone else. Peter
  18. I don't think cold starts affect the consumption in winter, it is more a case of you having the heater on and the car having to do more to keep you warm. Some people switch the heater off when they stop to let the engine stop - I sometimes do but not all the time. This was also the case in the Prius I had before the Auris The computed display in my car seems to always show 3 mpg better than the actual consumption but I don't suppose it justifies the expense of F1 telemetry. I think it is more of a guide than an actual value. Had many cars with such a display and they are always optimistic.
  19. This morning it did look as though there might be some condensation in the running lights but when I got back to the car this afternoon they were clear. Not sure if this helps !
  20. I found that January isn't always the best time for the MOT to be due as it can be a challenge getting the MOT done round the Christmas period. Don't have that problem now but remember with one car that it wasn't always easy. I do remember taking a car into a local non-franchise garage for MOT on a Saturday and seeing some very hungover mechanics ....
  21. Ah - will have a look in the daylight now I know you mean the DRLs which as you say look like LEDs Still wouldn't worry too much as you will have balance of 5 year warranty.
  22. I have the same car as you are considering (61 plate T-Spirit HSD) and don't do many miles. Some days it doesn't get used, the next day it might only do 3 miles in the evening with lights on etc. Haven't had a problem and have had the car since early April. It does get a decent run of about 30 miles once a fortnight though. My previous car was a Gen 2 Prius with a 5 year old battery - last winter I used to make sure it got a good run at least once a week to prevent problems.
  23. Replied on the Auris forum - don't think you needed to put two entries up, most of us read more then one forum. Peter
  24. When you say sidelights I think you may mean fog lights - they are the lowest ones on the corner of the bumpers. Mine haven't misted up but I have notice this on other cars of mine as the lights are out in the cold air and don't get used as much as the headlights and therefore don't get warm. Even if they were I wouldn't think that it was anything to lose sleep about as they would soon dry out,
  25. Never heard of this before, bluetooth tends to either work or not rather than losing and restoring connection. I have sometimes had to disconnect and reconnect when first getting in the car but after that the connection has been solid. Not sure if there is such a thing as a bluetooth antenna which could be loose although there must be something somewhere even if it is internal. Before going back to the dealer I would try locating the phone somehere else if possible to see if that has an affect. The only other thing that I can vaguely think might be the issue is interference from somewhere or something. Best of luck with this, please update us on the solution however simple it might prove to be. Regards Peter
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