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  1. It’s a uk car and the sat nav is a b9021. it looks the same as an b9010 but has dab. Thanks flash.
  2. Hi purchased an urban cruiser as a runaround. The B9021 navigation owners manual is lost.Please could anyone give me any info on this satnav/manual download. I do know the B9021 is fitted to other toyotas. Many thanks Rob.
  3. Hi all. Just purchased a 2011 urban cruiser 1.33 as a runaround. I am missing the sat nav system owners manual. The sat nav is a b9021. Have googled this number and found no info on this device. Any helpful advice on this unit/ manual download/type of update dvd maps. would be gratefully received.
  4. rjm


    hi raeman.I have owned a d4d 08 yaris for 2 years.Its a great car..apart from the mmt gearbox setup.On paper its very smart .An anto type gearbox that achieves excellent fuel economy.when i stop at a busy roundabout i have to allow for an extra large space because of the delay time between pushing the accelerator and moving.even after two years this takes some judgement.If you get another driver(and there are many!)driving to fast around the roundabout then because of the delay time on acceleration you can (as i have a few times)nearly loose your bumper.By this time your doing 25mph in first gear and the gearbox refuses to change to 2nd gear.This affects ones concentration while i flick the accelerator peddle untill the ecu gets the message and changes gear.would you call this safe?On a strait road the car changes gear when it does not need to.driving at 70mph on a motorway in top gear it will change down with out an incline in the road.This slows you down on the motorway and the result is that you get another vehicle on your bumper.safe?my wife does not enjoy driving this car and reflects my veiws.Have a dig around the internet and you will find many disgruntled toyota owners with mmt gearboxes.I have had it checked out and have been told that the mmt is working fine?Our previous car was a manual yaris..wonderful car.daughter has it now and has never gone wrong.Thats why we bought another!!
  5. rjm


    Everyones rightly concerned over the accelerator problem.I have an 08 d4d yaris with mmt!!.Reading comments on various forums over a period of time I have come to the conclusion that the mmt gearbox is dangerous and manufactor of this unreliable gearbox should have stopped years ago..A much bigger problem than a slow returning peddle.Read a few and you will see what im on about. vosa have known about this problem for a couple years and have done nothing.Toyota for even longer .I dont think toyota know how to repair the mmt saga.I strongly believe toyota and vosa are in bed together over this issue.Hence no result for toyota mmt gearbox owners....Big multinationals flexing mustle!?
  6. rjm

    Poor Heater.

    That is an old way to get the engine warm. Many cars did that during the winters when I was a kid. Old Mercedeses from the 70's had also it as an accessory thing to block the grille. have just discovered a thing called a CAR BRA.Its available in canada.Costs about £150.It helps with heat up time and protects against stone chips.
  7. rjm

    Poor Heater.

    thanks but i dont want to cause problems and void the garentee.cheers.
  8. rjm

    Poor Heater.

    thanks.i did research and missed this one..my transits modern.thats fine.
  9. rjm

    Poor Heater.

    It's no help but my 07 diesel is the same, 10 miles to get warm, worse in this weather. surely that cant be right?
  10. rjm

    Poor Heater.

    I have an 08 diesel yaris.The heater is a joke.It takes 7 miles to get mild heat from it .In this cold weather you need a warm coat .Even with a hot engine.my toyota dealer checked the heater out last march in its service and told me its all ok? that because its a diesel it takes longer to warm up? my transit van is hot within 2 miles...thats diesel! Nearly due for another service..any idea whats wrong??