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  1. Thx a lot! it"s adhesive plastic and one side is 4,4m need this more pics my site: http://www.carstyling.hu/car_shower.php?id=48158
  2. You go in one trading and you order corolla Tsport sticker... did you think of this?
  3. Hello! The front grill was factory polished only and I ordered 1 d-cat inscription that sticked. I transformed the car! The chromium it is possible to buy a stripe though 10m band The rear spoiler TRC I ordered! onto equal one do not plan somebody else transform....coliovers I reflect, only expensive (1200euro) I did pictures, but the iPhone does not do some beautiful pictures! Look:
  4. My car: http://www.carstyling.hu/car_shower.php?id=48158 This wheels 7.5x18" 42 offset
  5. This not my car..so i don't know what...the black leather neme is hood protektor and this function that save windscreen the pebble stones
  6. ;) AEZ Excite Dark 8x19" ET 40 225/35 R 19 Dunlop Sport Maxx
  7. no i bought chrome paint...1 liter about ~200pounds... :P
  8. Hy All! Enybody know how many CO2 emission in Camry Hybrid?? Please Help! TY
  9. Hy AlexC! This OK! I know what was the problem...i nothing write in forum and so only visitor...and visitor no view the pic... I hope understand me
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