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  1. engine wise yours had more spec than mine ;) I never got to fulfill my plans for engine work. along with your yaris and earpl's i dont think any other yarii in the UK are faster except for the Redline yaris/mr2 bastar* child but it uses a non factory fitted engine.
  2. i'll give you that kimi. it didnt stay on the car so technically it never was fully working yours IS the first one thats be done right in the uk.
  3. also just to note, I had mine supercharged in March 2004 I dont think anyone had done a supercharged yaris before this date in the UK
  4. the Blitz one also comes with a sort of ECU to control when the magnetic clutch is engaged. but the piggy back ecu wont work with the UK cars as we have immobilisers and the Jap cars dont, this i think is why we in the uk can use the vast array of aftermarket piggy backs. u also cant increase the power on the them cheaply or easily. the magnetic clutch is part of the pulley so i cant honestly see how you can just get a smaller pulley and get more power . if you do, u would probably lose the magnetic clutch function. or you could go to the expense of having a smaller clutch made up with a magnetic clutch system built in, im sure that would be easy to get that picture on the web site is also the pic for the celica supercharger kit not the yaris kit. the yaris cant has no intercooler nor can one be fitted at a later date with the blitz and TTE kits. if you want a supercharger kit get the Power enterprise one, if its still available. you can easily swap its pulley for a smaller one and you can also put an intercooler on it, if you want to make more power at a later date.
  5. thats also wrong. there is an ability to tighten the belt. i just dont know the reason why the belt came off under heavy driving. think it was just a bad manufactured blitz intake manifold.
  6. haha good show :) enjoyed watching it. but Mini's handle better than yari dont they?
  7. if only i had a look on here on friday i would have been able to help you i had a spare 1.0L engine out back but after 3 years lying at side of house i put it in the skip on friday
  8. hahahaah i would be screaming like a little girl at a take that concert. thats uber uber cool that your going to be 1st in uk or europe to get yashio kitted :D congrats! keep us udated
  9. does anyone know what parts can be used on both models? im haveing a hard time trying to get spare parts for my t-sport and was hoping some parts from the SR would fit, also hoping that the SR was more readily available than the t-sport here are some things i would lik to know about air box? exhaust system ( apart from rear silencer)? thats all i need
  10. yashio use spacers on theirs. failing that. get a set of wheels custom made :) www.imagewheels.co.uk £1300 should do the trick. apart from that i dont think you will easily get wheels in the fittment and offset you require. volk TE37 CUPS come in 4x100 and might have some small offsets. they were designed for micras and yari id say you would need a 7.5 wheel with 0 offset
  11. well with regards your question... i dont have any numbers for how low my setup can lower the car. but like i said, they can go so low that with 205/45/15 profile tyres on 15inch wheels on the front and 195/45/15 tyres on the rear, that they would touch the actual 1/4 pannels of the car so saying that, it doesnt really matter that i have no numbers these could lower the car further than than it would be possible to drive around in. if you know what i mean the TEINs might very well be able to do the same if you put them at the lowest. and as they have the same rear spring seats. if you want lower all you do is remove the spring seat. but the springs i have for the rear are too small to use on the rear WITHOUT the spring seats. i have put a pic up top of how low the car was. the fronts and rears could still do down some more.
  12. Auto trader page there you go. £5300 (price is negotiable) only 30000 miles 2003 3door TRD clutch TRD spoiler Tints Strut braces 15inch alloys smoothed and de-badged boot Morette headlght conversion with xenon headlights
  13. yes i think they fit all mk1 yaris. they can go so low that tyres will touch the arches front and rear with 15inch alloys and tyres.
  14. yeah they are so good. and they are versatile aswell
  15. £55 includes shipping for 2 black sablet harnesess also included are a set of black sabelt harnes pads
  16. well as my yaris is almost back to standard one of the last things to come off it is my custom coilovers. the rears are KONI rebound adjustable dampers and the springs are custom made along with the ENVY performance adjustable rear spring seat the fronts are the bee's knees originally they were TTE shocks and springs, but these were not adjustable so i had the inserts removed and had special KONI inserts put in. these have independantly adjustable bound and rebound (most really good kits adjust the bound and rebound at the same time. but the top of the range kits for track use have independantly adjustable bound and rebound.) and to top it all off i am also including CUSCO adjustable top mounts. £450 includes shipping.
  17. SOLD £55 for 2 of them that includes shipping. suitable for recaro side mount seats. will require some retro fitting to accept bottom mounted seats (a matter of re-drilling some holes as shown in pictures) also includes sliders here there was a bracket welded on to accept a side mount seat. you can see the three holes where the sliders mount to for a bottom mount seats
  18. for sale one used cylinder head. completer with everything... valves, cams, vvt-i, injectors, fuel rail and harnesses was off my spare engine and i dont need this head so it might be a useful spare to someone. £85 that includes shipping
  19. are u still looking for a yaris? im selling my black 2003 ph1 3 door t-sport for £5500 30k miles on it. has induction kit, TOMs flywheel, TRD clutch, TRD short shift, TRD rear spoiler, smoothed boot, morette headlights. and my 3 piece 15inch alloys. (these might not be to your liking but i have no other alloys to replace them with)
  20. Micra pete you should pm me. i dont always come and check the thread. anyway the manifold is made by ELPrototypes, they are no longer in business. but their manifold is almost exactly the same as the megan type manifold and other similar manufacturers. the price is now down to £70 including delivery. i need rid of it.
  21. im so jealous, i hope they work well for you :)
  22. i got a t-sport badge from toyota and it doesnt go into my grille ugh! bunch of inbreds i took it back and said it doesnt fit, this is not the correct badge, they said bring the car down and we will have a go at fitting it. (as if i would have been to incompitent to fit a god damn badge) i said are u sure its the right badge, as the ph2 had a different grille from the phase 1 they just said yes thats the badge for the 2002 t-sport yaris. i said well it DOES NOT FIT. they again said, bring the car down and we will try to fit it, if that fails u can have a refund. i dont want a refund i want a t-sport badge !!! so is there any unwanted badges out there?
  23. im not sure Ross P says it should, but im not sure, you could ask some others. or ask kevin at envy, he might know
  24. if any one is interested Turbo core
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