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  1. Thanks all, especially Fizz (hows the house hunting) who pointed me in the direction of this thread Hope everyone is well
  2. If it had Boge shocks on Riko they must have been replaced before you got the car, they all come with KYB as standard
  3. Nah, mere amateurs, spent £600 at christmas turning the spare room into a 15 metre Scalextric Digital drift/rally course for the bairn. Trees buildings picnic area the lot :D Will try find some pics, the 350Z cars are excellent, cos it's digital they can do a 180 spin and go the opposite way! Honest it was for him not me
  4. DazH


    Chester-le-Street here I think there's another NE Jap meet coming soon isn't there? Last one was at Stadium of S**te Sorry Light, can't help myself
  5. Have to agree with Forza Motorsport James, bought it for the bairn But he's not keen on it as it's too realistic, like having to brake for corners I have a highly modified 200sx now :D
  6. Stunning car mate, I think the wing looks good with the top up but not so much with it down Now with a carbon fibre bonnet and hard top it'd look amazing
  7. DazH

    Gauging Interest

    Thanks Fizz, I think Any offer around 4k considered ;)
  8. DazH

    Gauging Interest

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well believe it or not I'm seriously thinking of selling up I honestly think I've taken the car as far as I possibly can short of an engine swap and looking for something different. Don't really wanna sell it but I can't afford to just buy another so need the funds. If anyone is interested PM me with a reasonable offer and I'll get back. Its had just under 6 grand thrown at it in the 2.5 years I've owned it. The car comes with 5 months tax and 12 months MOT and I will NOT split parts out. Here's the full spec list and pics. Thanks for looking. Bosch high capacity battery, Induction kit with long reach and dual cold feed, Exedy racing clutch, Magnecor 8mm leads, NGK Iridium plugs, Powder coated cam cover and heat shield, TRD high pressure radiator cap and oil filler cap, custom stainless cat back system with jap style back box, TRD rear strut mounts, KYB front shocks, KYB Gas adjustables rear, TRD -25mm springs, OMP strut brace, Whiteline uprated front and rear anti roll bars,Whiteline anti lift/caster kit, Whiteline adjustable camber kit, Whiteline adjustable panhard rod, stainless brake lines front and rear, Bremi front discs with EBC Redstuff pads, EP82 GT Turbo rear disc conversion. OMP Racing seats with OMP 3 point harnesses, OMP WRC steering wheel and pedals, Sparco gear knob and mats. Clear side repeaters, Combat wing, front corner splitters, colour coded mirrors and tinted rear quarters. 15" Fox Racing Evo II's with Toyos. Finally, JVC MP3 player, Blaupunkt GTA 400w amp with Blaupunkt speakers in boot and components in parcel shelf
  9. Yep. Got two Triumphs. `77 bonnie and a 96 Speed triple. Too many toys. Never mind buying yourself summat, buy your other half something for being the 'most understanding wife'
  10. I nearly bought a CRX a while ago, one of our customers used to race em and developed a supercharger. Real Honda freak, he reckons they make more power once the engine has hit 120k miles Biggest problem is they rust on the rear quarter by the wheel arch, if you can find one without that you're laughing
  11. Just had a look on the Blueprint epc for you. They list all rear cylinders the same between 90 and 95. Would be easier to change those instead of messing with seals, if you go to any motor factor that sells ADL Blueprint products they should be able to help you. Just give em the following part numbers. Rear cylinder part numbers are LH ADT34425 RH ADT34430
  12. Alternatively approach an estate agent or the land registry, find out who the land belongs to, arrange a mortgage or loan, buy the land and then hey presto you have the right to have it removed
  13. BTW the Bannerfish, looks like Heniochus Singularis, will grow to about 10 inches and will need about 150 gallon tank, the one you're looking at buying is just under 42 gallon so PLEASE don't buy one, wouldn't be fair on the fish
  14. Cheers The only supplements you will need for soft corals which would be what you'd need to start off with would be sufficient water flow. lighting (of the correct spectrum) and possibly phyto (live plankton) if they need it. Only if you move on to hard, lps or sps corals do you really need to start with additives such as calcium etc. I used to spend fortunes dosing the tank, calcium additives, strontium, iodine etc etc. But I rarely bother now, tank seems to look after itself. Forgot to mention in my earlier post but I'd recommend getting an RO unit. Reverse Osmosis water is mains pressure passed through a membrane and is virtually 100% pure, you wouldn't believe the cr*p in mains water. Since I got my RO unit I've never drank tap water!
  15. If you're getting a Renault, I'd get the directors names from that dealership now ;)
  16. Nothing wrong with going straight into marines so long as you do your research first However you say intend to put plants in then introduce a Clownfish, plants will not survive in a sal******er aquarium mate. I've had one of the Trigon 190's and they are good quality gear, the three marine tanks I have at the moment are all Juwel tanks. A Rio 180 that has the bairns fish in along with a Mantis Shrimp that'll take your finger off if too close, a Rekord 70 for the larvae from my Oscellaris Clowns that are breeding in this, my Rio 240 reef tank :D If you go for marine you will need to adapt the top of the tank to fit a skimmer, easily done with a dremel as the top's plastic, I'd recommend a Deltec MC500 which are around £190, I run two of these and they are excellent. If you want to eventually move on to light demanding corals you'll need to upgrade your lighting too, I have a 250 watt metal halide pendant above my reef tank and improve water flow with extra pumps, I have six in the one above. And expect your electric bill to increase And don't worry about sand getting dirty, just put the right clean up crew in, ie, hermit crabs, snails, starfish, urchins etc and it'll stay clean If you need any help or advise just ask or go to ultimatereef .com
  17. You have a clock? Woah technology B)
  18. Happy birthday mate, you don't look a day over :!Removed!:
  19. Was a good day, good to see everyone again, I wonder if Hou went back for his free sweet after eating what appeared to be Moby ***** :!Removed!: Ahh the swear filter kicks in and I meant it in an innocent context :D
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