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  1. How was it lads? 

  2. Actually, looking at the pics, it might have a rev3 engine in there now.
  3. It is mate. I don't personally believe all that's been done to it reg engine mods. It was advertised for 3.5K. Not worth that, it's also had a few bangs I know about and currently needs quite a bit of paint work. I couldn't sell it for 4.5K a few years back. I spent over 12K on that car. for 2K... I'd buy it back though.
  4. Jimlad

    Iq 1.33

    It's supposedley down to the long gearing of the IQ3. We are expecting ours in anyday now.
  5. Are you that guy with the pink mr2?
  6. cheers dudes! :D Who's all still here? Anyone I know ? :)
  7. Hey ho folks!! Sorta coming back to the world of Toyota... Still got the rx7, but as of the 27th July, I'll be working for Border Toyota! :D
  8. I do like left 4 dead.... I have it for the 360, but it is quite a short game. Sure, the multiplayer is fun.
  9. All schools closed today, but it's not snowed all morning/day! lol
  10. It's a good game, a good laugh. Is a little short though, but there's always the v's multiplayer!
  11. Brakes and timing belt.... Nothing wrong with a belt as long as it's all changed when needed, ie water pump etc. Chains can be noisey.
  12. Just remembered why I love PC gaming!! *cough* free *cough* games!
  13. Well I've installed Vista Ultimate 32bit as I couldn't get my hands on a 64bit version. I used to slate vista on my laptop (I actually installed XP on it as soon as I got it) because it was so slow. On my new PC it zooms about... I like. Will I notive any major difference running the 32bit instead of 64bit?
  14. I'm gonna go and install vista64 now. :D
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