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  1. How much power do they put out? Being only a 1.3 + turbo
  2. I've used them in the past with no problems also.
  3. I was stuck in traffic for an hour today!!!! Yay for the Auto!
  4. Call of Duty 4.... played online. I have 33 games and it's still the game I play the most!!
  5. Personally, I'd buy the parts myself and build it. Prob work out cheaper.
  6. A story... written with only 3 words at a time.... I'll start... One sunny day
  7. I was in heavy traffic yesterday in the Audi. I was wishing I was sitting in the Supra, I was getting sick of stopping and starting and using the clutch!! My GTO used to have a mega heavy clutch which was a bit of a nightmare around town.
  8. Jimlad

    It Begins...

    Engine bay looks alot nicer!
  9. £950???? That's a bit steep! £325 is a good price though. Hope it fits without any hassle. Remember to get some bonnet pins!! Aerocatch ones are very nice and what I have on the Supra.
  10. I've got a set of 19" Axis Milano wheels, very badly corroding etc. So, I thought sod it... and with the help of a freind we got stuck in on the worst of the wheels. After the above stages we realised the prep wasn't the best as there were alot of duff areas around the rim. So ALOT of rubbing later.... Was going to go for silver lip and black centre, but I didn't like the look of the silver paint so...... One done... I've got another one now, and the hard work of rubbing begins One side of the car complete now.... The non complete side... The complete side... Tyres need a good clean now and the car needs a good damn polish!!! :) :D
  11. Is it anygood online?? I've only played the single player for a few hours. Not played the game in ages!
  12. Here's mine... 3566-3665-3927 I assume that's all you need so people can add you?? PS: How to you add others?? Everyone put their codes in here!!
  13. Just bought this yesterday... It's good fun!
  14. When's it out?? I bought civilization revolution yesterday - it's a decent game. There aren't many games out at the moment that I either already have or don't want.
  15. Still mostly playing COD4 online on the 360.
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