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  1. Update: After a 2nd visit to my local garage, where we plugged in the tester and got the code C0205 off the system during a test drive, the fault was found to be the nearside front ABS sensor. The securing bolt had rusted off and so the sensor had come adrift. a simple fix was made by re-securing the sensor with a self-tapping screw and the lights went out and the system was clear of fault codes. So, in the end, it was a cheap fix...
  2. Anyone got some advice for me? I going to try and get the proper code for the "Brake Booster" issue that the garage found...
  3. Hi So, I took my car in to the local non-dealer garage yesterday for the service that was due. They changed all 4 sets of brake pads and tyres (all were due...) and 4 wheel alignment to fix rear inner tyre wear. They plugged their diagnostics tool into the system and read back "Brake booster sensor" and "Engine system" malfunctions... Does this help us get closer to knowing the cause of the lights? Today they came on in standing traffic... but seem to mostly come on under heavier braking. Once they are on, they stay on for the duration of the journey under way. Thanks in advance :Edit: the Invoice shows code C1201, but I think this is the secondary code and that the Brake Booster code has not been listed on the invoice Logically, this is looking like a Brake booster issue, if so, do I change the whole brake booster system (can get a used one off eBay for about £35) or is there a sensor that has failed? How many hours to change a Brake Booster and is it an easy DIY job... yesterday's bill was bigger than I'd have liked
  4. Thanks for the replies. I have not had any diagnosis as yet. I have booked it into my local non-dealer garage for a service. When I first bought the car I got them to clean the EGR in a sonic bath, so perhaps it's time to do that again. I do try to drive to maximise MPG, so when I give it the boot it does release quite a lot of soot. I know the brake pads are getting thin, which I guess means that brake fluid could also be low. I'll check that asap. As far as I know the brake lights are all working, but will double check those too.
  5. Hi, My trusty 2004 2.0 D4D T-Spirit has started showing ABS, VSC and "TRC OFF" on the console. I have found this Forum entry that seems to finally say it is the "Yaw Rate Sensor". Can anyone confirm this, and how much does the new Toyota part cost, compared to getting one from the breakers yard? Thanks in advance Kev
  6. sub77: Do you also have the Pinout diagram for the W53901 (pre56 plate D4D T-Spirit)? I am looking into whether I can swap the W53901 with a W58831 from the Breakers yard and thereby get MP3/WMA playback and loose the cassette deck in my 04 Avensis
  7. Thanks for this reply, what about the physical size in the centre console? are they a match for size and fittings? I am not sure what you mean by
  8. Hi All, I have a 2004 Avensis 2.0 D4D T-Spirit which I am really enjoying. I have a question on the proprietary CD/Cassette/Radio Unit that is installed at present though. If I were to purchase a "head unit" from a newer Avensis, post 2006, when they started supporting MP3/WMA playback, would it be a simple plug and play job, would it sit correctly in the Dash, Are the leads/plugs the same, etc, etc... I can pick one up from the breakers for circa £80 and would do the fitting myself. From the photos, they look very similar, so this would be a simple upgrade if it would fit correctly. Thanks in advance. Kevin
  9. This sort of worked on my '97 1.8 CD... Here's what I did: 1) Replace battery in key fob 2) insert key and turn ignition on without starting engine 3) press and hold BOTH buttons on fob, red light goes on, then flashes then stays on... wait for the flashes to finish and 2nd constant light 4) try door unlock button.
  10. I wouldn't bother if I were you. Get one of the tape-adaptor wossnames (the ones which look like a cassetter with a wire dangling from it) and plug in a cd or mp3 player. The expensive versions of those adaptors are a tenner, and installation takes all of three seconds. If you do still want to replace the stereo, I found that mine had an ISO adaptor installed on the Toyota factory-fit. If not, a quid or so on Ebay should see you sorted. I have a tape adaptor, just want to upgrade (my avensis has a cd player so my carina feels jealous!!!) Go to Halfords and get a lead adapter from them, costs £5-12, did this on my GS with a JVC player...very easy job