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  1. Thank you for looking at this listing for an incredible car boasting japanese Quality and Luxury. This model has the smooth 6 speed gearbox which has the option of shifting it into Sport mode if you want that extra power, and believe the difference between the normal drive mode and sport mode is massive! The car is in Excellent Condition inside and out with no scratches, damages or scuffs, one of the best examples out there! Can't expect Less from Toyota when it comes to the Toyota Estima Hybrid. The vehicle has been registered in january 2020 and has been driven briefly for a few weeks local and long distance to make sure it is fine and no issues are present. This Vehicle is also ULEZ free and would be Exempt from the Birmingham Clean Air Zone Charges The Vehicle has also had a full major service and a few maintenance checks carried out which included: Tyre balancing Cabin filter Air Filter Oil Filter Oil New set of spark plugs It is definitely alot of car for the money, specially it being a Hybrid on top of it all. The Vehicle is a 2013 Facelift Model and to top it off it is the Aeras Model which gives it that impeccable sporty look which always turns heads and does not make you feel like you are in a boring 7 seater. The Aeras extras include: Unique front bumper Dark Tinted front lights Full Toyota Body Kit 17" 2 tone (Diamond cut/gloss black)Alloys no scuffs or damages. Rear Spoiler Electric Drivers Seat Black Gloss Carbon interior door/dash trims The car also features 'keyless Go' and Comfort access which makes it extremely easy for entering and exiting vehicle (Don't need to touch your key once)! Besides that the vehicle has the 7 seat layout with the middle row 2 seats which fully recline with fully adjustable foot rests and armrests. The seating positions and dropping rear seats require very simple operation, which can be done within seconds!! This vehicle is nothing short of a great long distance as well as a short distance vehicle which is fully kitted out and a joy to drive with extraordinary quiteness. Most importantly Plenty of luggage space even with all 7 seats up, and that's rare to find in a compact 7/8 seater. No wonder these are well sought after 😉 Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Can be delivered Nationwide for that extra bit of courtesy.
  2. Hi, folks, i am interested in the vitz RS. its available in japan 2003> shape. Is the RS similar or like any trim over here in uk like the sr or t spirit? And what is the value of an imported rs over here in the UK. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hi, how much would you be willing to offer for a good condition ta22 or ra28? Good condition!
  4. Hi folks, do you get the hilux surf in 7 seats? If not, is it possible to have them fitted in?
  5. Any1 seriously interested, please reply or pm me, thanks!
  6. Any1 seriously interested, please reply or pm me, thanks!
  7. Hi, Im interested in this car, it's a 1.6GT model, green, bout 65,000miles on the clock condition 3/5!!! and it's got the 8spoke alloys. back ones are wider and curvier, like racing tires!! How much is it worth, or how much would a good price be for one of these. PM me for pics
  8. aaz911


    Hi, i could get you one from japan but you would have to wait between 6 and 8 weeks. If thats okay with you, then get back to me thanks.
  9. aaz911


    Hi, i could get you one from japan but you would have to wait between 6 and 8 weeks. If thats okay with you, then get back to me thanks.
  10. i cant post pics, i dnt have any attachment space left. thers a 1975 ra25 celica gt (as shown in above pic) in white. no signs of rusting. very good condition. 3/5 approx 50,000miles on clock. no been altered with. if you would like pics pm me your email address please thanks!!! and a price you would be willing to offer!!
  11. Green, excellent condition. Would the colour also matter in price?
  12. Hi i was wondering if people would be interested in this mustang lookalike and how much one of these are worth in the uk. Any1 have any ideas?
  13. I can probably get hold of 1 for you from japan. Would you want me to find out a quote for you?
  14. doh! wife must have 4/5 doors cos of the kid. Always hikes up the second hand value and makes the rare in any sport model. Hi, would you be interested in a japanese imported yaris/vitz?
  15. Hi, are you still interested in getting the new hiace imported i know a friend of mine that is cheaper than 95% of all importers in the uk! Let me know or drop me an email at: ravat911@googlemail.com
  16. Would u be interested in an imported vigo from japan? It'l be cheaper
  17. Hi. I agree with your point of less Of them around. But if you are a serious buyer then i can get you a price for the particular model you want fully U.K. Registered. I myself am a vehicle importer, so if you are still interested let me know. Thanks Mr Ravat
  18. Hi. I have not come across this particular model in the U.K. But they do have these in JAPAN. I myself am a vehicle importer, if you wish for me to find out a price on how much it'll cost to import one over with full registration in U.K. I will be happy to do so. Thanks. Mr RAVAT. Ravat Vehicle Imports 07878750678
  19. Sorry, i have no attachment space left. If you wish to see them the car is listed on ebay. At the top of the page u'll see advanced search. Where it says search for ebay member, put in aaz911. And it!'ll show what i've got for sale.
  21. Hi folks, I'm selling a Freshly imported Beautiful metallic Black 1997 2.2TD Facelift Toyota Lucida. This car is in Excellent condition as shown in pics below, and it drives great the Turbos are there when you need them. It has done a genuine 101,380km (62,994miles) on the clock, and the sweetness to the Engine sound can prove that. This car would be ideal for a family, or it can even be used to take large items in, just fold the seats it's as simple as that. It has the following: New EDO Alloy wheels with Brand New Yokohama Tyres all round. Rear Spoiler Sony CD/MD Double unit stereo system Pioneer Carrozzeria DVD Player/Navigation system 1x 7" On Dash Pioneer Screen 1x 7" rear Pioneer screen Rear Privacy Glass It drives great and has absolutely nothing wrong with it It's a Nice Powerful car to have, and a car for you and your family. Viewing is welcome to anyone interested in it. If you want more details or would like to give me a call for any reason just give me a call on: 07878750678 or drop us an email at: ravat911@googlemail.com
  22. Hi I'm selling a 97 Toyota Estima 8 seater 2.2 TD it's the x-Limited model Alloy wheels rear spoiler SONY CD/MD Sound system Pioneer DVD PLAYER( Remote controlled) 1 screen at the front 1 screen at the back supported on an arm off the passenger side headrest 12 mnths M.O.T 6 mnths TAX Excellent Runner Recently been Serviced pictures will be up very soon!! drop me an email if your interested at ravat911@googlemail.com thanks
  23. HI I can get one which will be at a very good price and upto ur requirements, colour, spec, yr, mileage, etc but u'll have to wait 6-8 weeks. coz i order cars from japan!! let me know what you decide thanks!!!
  24. HI I can get u one to ur requirements, its gonna be cheap but ur gonna hve to wait 6-8 weeks. coz i order cars from japan
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