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  1. Hi, I've got the same problem as OP. Loss of power, especially 4/5 gear. Also problem with starting, when engine hot/warm. Tried cleaning EGR, new Fuel/Air filter. No change. Stil the same problem. Tried full tank of V-Power Shell with BG244 cleaner as well. Tank nearly empty, but no much improvement. Looks like it is SCV valves issue. Is it possible to try to clean them (ie. with carbon cleaner), or I am better off just getting the new ones. Not cheap though, £200+ for a pair. Avensis, D4D, 2.0, 51reg. Mileage 98,000. Serviced regularly. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I've just had cluch failed. Leaking clutch fluid, creaking noise, clutch pedal get stuck to the floor, etc Reading from the forums here looks like failed clutch master cylinder. Taken the car it to the main dealer and they confirm the problem. Their quote for repair is £300. Is that about right? To me it sound bit excessive considering that new part is about £70-80 on the internet. Second hand is about £35-45. Can the master cylinder be replaced by myself? (DIY). There is no Haynes manual for Avensis Diesel 2001, only petrol one. I think I would probably struggle without any help. Is there any independent Toyota service/garage in South Manchester (Stockport/Wilmslow) area which you can recommend. Many thanks. Car model: Avensis Hatchback D4D 2001 Thanks again. bluesky2008