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  1. I don't think that's the case. Camrys and Solaras are primarily intended for the North American market. The car shouldn't pull to either direction. I had a '94 Camry that still tracked straight as an arrow at 145,000 miles.
  2. Capernic, I've done all that stuff and also wrote letters to all my legislators. They passed my concerns to the NHTSA and returned their response to me. The NHTSA stated that they they had received "a number of complaints" on this issue but they will not open a formal nvestigation because no fatalities have been attributed to the defect.
  3. That sounds about par for the course. Toyota does not acknowledge defects in their cars and does not honor warrantees. Fortunately, they make pretty good cars but those of us who have had problems are stuck with them. They will deny problems over and over until they wear your out.
  4. Unfortunately I see that they are only fixing 2004 & 2005 models. The rest of us can go screw. I just replaced all 4 bald tires on my drifting Solara at 25,000 miles. Anyway, I couldn't bear the thought of going back to a Toyota dealer again just to have them tell me that my stability problems are "a characteristic of these cars"! How can you argue with that? :ffs:
  5. ← The dealer ordered the new springs and I'm waiting for them to come in right now. As soon as I have them installed, I'll let you know how it goes. The reason that I'm currently assuming that it's the real "fix" is due to replacement parts being involved. Why would Toyota dish out all of that $$$$ If new springs won't solve the problem. ←
  6. Toyota has lost me as a customer too. I just sold my old '94 Camry and that car still tracks straight as an arrow. It's a better car to drive than my '01 Solara. The suspension on the '94 was never touched in 140,000 miles - original struts all round - never aligned.
  7. Hey, Where'd everybody go? Have Toyotas suddenly started to drive in a straight line or has everyone just given up on ever getting satisfaction? As for me, I gave up. I am not going to waste any more time fighting a losing battle. My car has only 24k miles and it's ready for a new set of tires all around. They were rotated repeatedly by Toyota to correct the left pull. Nothing they ever attempted made a difference in straightline stability.
  8. Mary, I also have a 2001 Solara that has pulled Left since day one. If you read back through this thread, you'll see that I have done just about everything imaginable to get it fixed. The tactics that worked for 2003/04 owners didn't work for me. According to the Factory tech rep, the TSB can't be applied to a 2001 because the parts are different and they are not interchangeable with later models. Maybe he is lying - I don't know. Of course, they never acknowledged that there is a problem in the first place. They claim that it is a normal characteristic of the model. Hard to argue with that! I would love to hear that you have success getting yours fixed - Good Luck! I have given up and learned to live with it. Of course, I never miss an opportunity to rely my story to potential new car buyers. That's about the only satisfaction I can get from this horrible Toyota experience. To make matters worse, my brother is a VW Factory Regional Rep. He was p*ssed that I bought a Toyota in the first place. Now I have to listen to the "I told you so" routine whenever he sees my car. :( Good luck! I hope you succeed.
  9. Just sent you both TSBs; ST005-01 and ST002-04. They both address Camry/Solara Pull problems. Good Luck!
  10. hyyz, A Toyota mechanic told me that the non-adjustable Caster angle on these cars is much less than other cars. Caster is what makes the steering center. More caster angle and the car will center better; less - it will wander, requiring more frequent driver correction. I am convinced that that is the root of the problem and they can't fix it. They can mess around with everything in the suspension to try to get a better balance but they can't increase Caster to make the car center properly.
  11. Aptcause, That may be good advise in the MidWest Region but I can assure that it would not work in the Northeast. Dealers in this area continue to deny that the cars have a drift problem. I have been to multiple dealers and an independent alignment shop. The car still pulls left and Toyota won't/can't fix it. Numerous letters to Toyota executives - all ignored. Finally Toyota sent me a letter telling me that their dealers would make no further attempts to fix the car. From the start, Toyota has maintained that the Left Drift is perfectly normal behavior for these vehicles. Unlike your experience, the dealers I visited only rotated the tires and verified that alignment was in spec. They did not acknowledge the problem even when they rode with me and I demonstrated how the car tries to veer into oncoming traffic. They always blamed the crown in the road, "normal" pull caused by Front Wheel Drive, etc. I can't get the car fixed but at least I have saved several others from a similar fate. I never miss a chance to 'steer' new car buyers away from Toyota.
  12. Redse, Your experience is similar to mine but I fought Toyota for 3 years before giving up. I have to disagree with your friend's assessment of Honda handling. I bought a Solara SE and a year later my girlfriend bought an Accord SE coupe - two comparable cars, similarlarly equipped and priced within $100 or one another. Some aspects of the Toyota are superior; space and interior. However, there is a world of difference in handling. I am always amazed at the Honda's tight and precise steering. Getting back into the Solara feels like I'm piloting a '59 Caddy on a gravel road. Besides the left pull, Solaras/Camrys have very poor straight line stability. You have to constantly apply steering correction. The Honda wants to go straight, not wander all over the lane. An alignment specialist told me that the fixed Caster angle on Toyotas is insufficient for good straight line stability. Body roll on corners is also a big problem. I corrected that with after market sway bars but why should I have to do that on a new Solara when the Accord stays relatively flat in the corners? Please open an incident with the NHTSA.
  13. The Yahoo group also has the original TSBs in .PDF form ...and its free. Unfortunately, dealers and the regional tech reps still have discretion regarding when to apply the TSBs and when to tell a customer to take a hike. They can always delay, deny and ignore. Alignment is warranted for only 12.000 miles. The dealers around here are well experienced at outlasting "pesky customers". They really don't give a rat's a$$ if you ever buy another car from them. Trust me, I know.
  14. The TSBs are also available in the FILES section of the 'Toyotas_Only' Yahoo User Group. No charge - but you have to register.
  15. I have been battling Toyota for over 3 years on this issue. My 2001 has only 21k miles on it because it is so bad to drive. Dozens of trips to two different dealers account for much of the mileage. Unlike the rest of you, I have given up on ever getting a fix and I have wasted far too much time, money and emotion on a lost cause. At least I can get some satisfaction through Revenge. B) I have my first confirmed "kill". A year ago I swore that I would redirect as many potential car buyers away from Toyota as I could. Since then, I have told dozens of buyers about my experience and directed them to this and other Web forums discussing the Left Pull issue. I am sure that at least a few were influenced to buy elsewhere. But now I have a confirmed "kill". A friend of a co-worker was about to buy a new Camry last week. I had my co-worker direct him to the forums and that was enough to send him running from Toyota and appreciative for the tip. I am tempted to carve a notch in the driver's door. Hopefully I'll add many more 'notches' in the near future. If lots of potential buyers walk away because they hear of this problem do you suppose it would get some attention at Toyota? I also had a discussion with a VW of America Company rep. He was amazed and you can be sure the story is going around VW dealers to share with comparison shoppers. KEEP SPREADING THE WORD!