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  1. Breaking on corners Bibbs, tut tut :P
  2. John R

    Pi Springs!

    Now it looks like a ****-box.
  3. John R

    Mr2 Pics

    This is about the best I can muster:
  4. John R

    Mr2 Pics

    No, sorry... no high-res pictures... I only have a rubbish digital camera. http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/511659 There's some more pics of mine, but they're low quality Fizz has some High-res pictures of his Caribbean Blue MR2. I'm sure he'll be about later. John.
  5. John R

    Mr2 Pics

    http://www.mrtwo.co.uk/ http://www.mr2rene.itgo.com/Tuning.html http://www.mr-2.com/ http://www.fastmr2.com/frameset.htm http://www.speedstash.com/kits/toyota_mr2_91_95.html http://www.whifbitz.co.uk/ptoymr2.html
  6. The grass is always greener I suppose.
  7. This isn't a criticism of you. but I wish people took more interest in our own elections rather than the Americans. Oh, while we're on the subject: Bush is an imbacile.
  8. John R

    New Cat

    I should think it will have to be replaced. And if it's getting bad, I'd get it replaced soon before it starts dragging on the floor or hitting speedbumps!
  9. I used to like Border the most, but every Tom ***** and Harry has that now. So I voted Toms.
  10. Lexus owners don't de-badge because they're too busy eating werthers originals and making model boats.
  11. They're too busy crunching figures 9-5. BUY BUY BUY! SELL SELL SELL!
  12. I've seen some pictures of a BMW with chrome paintwork. I'll try and find it.
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