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  1. John R

    Pi Springs!

    Now it looks like a ****-box.
  2. John R

    Mr2 Pics

    This is about the best I can muster:
  3. John R

    Mr2 Pics

    No, sorry... no high-res pictures... I only have a rubbish digital camera. http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/511659 There's some more pics of mine, but they're low quality Fizz has some High-res pictures of his Caribbean Blue MR2. I'm sure he'll be about later. John.
  4. John R

    Mr2 Pics

    http://www.mrtwo.co.uk/ http://www.mr2rene.itgo.com/Tuning.html http://www.mr-2.com/ http://www.fastmr2.com/frameset.htm http://www.speedstash.com/kits/toyota_mr2_91_95.html http://www.whifbitz.co.uk/ptoymr2.html
  5. The grass is always greener I suppose.
  6. This isn't a criticism of you. but I wish people took more interest in our own elections rather than the Americans. Oh, while we're on the subject: Bush is an imbacile.
  7. John R

    New Cat

    I should think it will have to be replaced. And if it's getting bad, I'd get it replaced soon before it starts dragging on the floor or hitting speedbumps!
  8. I used to like Border the most, but every Tom ***** and Harry has that now. So I voted Toms.
  9. Lexus owners don't de-badge because they're too busy eating werthers originals and making model boats.
  10. They're too busy crunching figures 9-5. BUY BUY BUY! SELL SELL SELL!
  11. I've seen some pictures of a BMW with chrome paintwork. I'll try and find it.
  12. 1 works, very nice. TOMS is my favourite kit. Every bugger has Border now!
  13. Speedhut is in the US but they do custom dials for UK MR2s, it's an option.
  14. One of the most adddictive games I've ever been on. Squares Game - Ebaums World :arrgg-matey:
  15. Maybe they should relise they have a keyboard full of letters.
  16. Blood and Champus obviously know eachother or are the same person.
  17. Whats wrong with rev 1's? Nothing's wrong with them, they're just better rev2+ because then you don't have to start upgrading spring, discs, brakes etc.
  18. Those wheels are smart though. To be honest, if you're looking for an n/a then I'd go for rev2+ and if you're looking for a turbo, rev3+.
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