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  1. Happy Birthday Firebreather!

  2. go with 40mm offset. I emailed TTE, and the alloy wheels they sell for the G6 are 40mm offset.
  3. sorry mate. Dont think u can claim a new car, unless the insurance company evaluates it as a right off..
  4. lol from what i gathered in these forums, any car other than a toyota is regarded as :censor: . lol
  5. lol, maybe he was just trying to conserve fuel?
  6. Dont ring them yet, maybe someone in your family ordered it... Check with your bank first and ask for a statement of all the latest credit card transactions. If you cant find the transaction, keep the shower!
  7. Great condition, but damn that thing needs lowered! and get rid of those ugly huge round lights at the front, and damn that exhaust is fugly...
  8. Sorry, about your accident, just wanted to add that I had a similar situation last night, was on the country roads at 11pm, raining as well, tight bend came up, with no warning signs to slow down, I did anyway and slowed down to 40, then immediately came up to a T junction. Brakes locked, then I started pumping the brakes, every time I pumped them the brakes locked repeatedly. Luckily I managed to slow down to about 25 mph and made a sharp right turn. Luckily there wasnt any other cars on the road, so nothing happened, but I did have a car full of passengers.
  9. yea, thats true. Plus it didnt look like the driver of the aston was really pushing it....
  10. Well if you claim you have searched the archives, then you would have found your answer. I know for a fact that this has been discussed numerous times before.
  11. Thank you once again! What would I do without you? lol
  12. I actually had a look at that site before posting here, cant believe i missed them! But how would I connect these type of fuses? Do I need a fuse holder for them? thanks!
  13. You sure about that formula? Because the biggest fuses I can find for the power cable are 80 amps.
  14. is the vid available anywhere online? I dont see any point wasting my money on max power