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  1. Erm lads just checked the route online (to try and get an idea and it's about 45 miles for me via ferrybridge, and 17 straight to the track...) so with me being as skint as i am I'm gonna be going straight there and not meeting at the services. Woulda preferred to meet up with you all there but got no money at all! -Z
  2. Okaaaaaayyyy. I'll be joinin you boys at FB cos I came home to Leeds earlier on today. As for the taxi list I charge 102.9p per min so if ur willing to pay feel free... :P -Z
  3. Fizz: Lol knowin me I'll leave my key's lying around. Didya come to the Envy meet a while back? Left the keys for the '2 and Rob nicked it, hah. And btw, have I got £35 left to pay ya? I'll send it to your account now if you want. Missy: I think I'll be heading down from Boro so will probs go your way, but err... no point in followin me... I get totally lost no matta what! -Z
  4. Fizz mate got your txt but was driving and forgot to reply at the time! I'm in Newcastle so gonna be going straight to York, doesn't make much sense going the Ferrybridge, then back up to York for me, plus with me being skint as I am and fuel costing a bomb :( -Z
  5. Yep I'm defo's in people ;) Up for whupping u now that we'll have even powered carts! and i hope the tracks well marked... hahahaha -Z
  6. WD40 works... speakin from experience here! lol -Z
  7. Congrats on the hosue Fizzy ;) You've already bought the house so may be a little late but... When i was lookin for one, the first thing I did was take the free mortgage advice from the estate agency (even though I knew i wasnt going with them!). They're usualyl dead helpful, and whilst they do have selective panel it's pretty broad. Just tell them your circumstances and they'll wack it all into the computer which lists a load of mortgage companies and their interest rates etc. It was dead handy cos I was able to see at a glance the best type of mortgage that would work for me. I'm guessing your planning on keeping the house so a long term one is probs best for you tho! -Z
  8. Awsome! Been gettin non stop calls from what seems to be (info via google on phone number) one of those companies that offer you a new phone contract. Just !Removed!-listed em on the phone, but I'd love to be able to pull this off. Dunno if I could without cracking up tho. lol -Z
  9. SO it's gonna be an RWD eh? I'm liking it! -Z
  10. PES6 is mint, probs my fav so far! You can download a gamesave with all the proepr names, kits etc, so that doesn't really make much of a difference. -Z
  11. ZeroBlade

    Used Ps2

    Have you tried adjusting the laser m8? You might be able to get it to read DVD's. Can help you get some extra life out of it if ya wack a HD in. -Z
  12. Yup same here Tegs, proper gettin on me nerves. But Sawyers pretty cool imo, so it's been bearable! I'm hooked on Prison Break atm, anyone else like that? -Z
  13. **** how busy was the Odeon l. nite? TOTALLY packed out! Kher Mubarak to all ;) -Z
  14. Apparently O2 have bought the 3 network. Hence the decent coverage (finally!). Gotta say O2 have been great to me. Never really had a problem, and when I did they sorted me right out. -Z
  15. Also a bit late but then it wouldnt be me if i was ever on time for anything :D Happy birthday fella -Z
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