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  1. The fit is spot on..... not much else to say really!
  2. Its an underbody brace - quite common they go like that - we should have some in stock, give us a call if you like - 01676 530222.
  3. I've done several of these now and find it easier to have the engine out - it takes about a day either way but its less painfull with the engine out!! I've heard of one chap doing it on his drive in 4 hrs but he had 15 years of experience being a mechanic under his belt.... and i'm sure he was bending the truth a bit! Matt.
  4. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Wet Bum??
  5. Off the back of the best rear light poll I thought i'd post this one, Matt.
  6. Who did you contact bud because I have heard nothing??? Whitch bits are you after and i'll try to sort it out.... you can always get me on the office phone - 01676 530222 We have a distributor in the states - Culture Racing, they sell the rear lights and the headlights, have you been in touch with them??? We spent some time re-designing the headlights to suit the amercian market and have sold quite a lot of sets there, weather he still has them in stock or not i'm not sure.... Let me know how you get on - there details can be found HERE.
  7. Or HERE... and you can have it nextday. Matt.
  8. Not sure thats the best solution, you should really try to fine the fault and fix it or you could run in more problems - I'd suggest you look at changing the thermostat. Matt.
  9. mattmr2


    I Had a kackimoto on mine for a short while and it sounded fu*king ace, It was louder than I thought and seemed to get louder every time I used it. It wasn't til I came to service it I realised I had blown a hole the sixe of my fist in to the top of the silencer!!! - other than that it was spot on.... I now have a toms racing exhaust which is nice but not loud enough for me.... now i'm sad! Matt.
  10. I'm running 17" on the front and 18" on the rear and it handles like a go kart - better than when i had the standard 15"..... that maybe down to the teins and the cusco roll bars, who knows......
  11. Blue would hold its value better in the UK + it has a rev 5 wing and skyline wheels.... i'd go with the blue one.... Matt.
  12. A lot of the people that come to us for transplants have already spent a lot of money on there cars... probably more than they would get if they were to sell it. So instead they stick with there car, after all they know the car, they know whats good about it and bad about it... buying an new car is always a risk, you never know what is round the corner with a new car.....
  13. Good luck chaps... Take it easy, Bibbs... try to get me some more photos for the website fella..... Matt.
  14. This is a list of all the things we change when we do a conversion... - engine, inc gearbox, turbo, driveshafts, manifolds, loom etc... the whole lump. - Fuel pump as its bigger in the turbo - nightmare job!! - gear selector cables as they are a different length - Accelerator cable as its a different length - Intercooler and relative pipework - Coil and igniter - Resistor pack - ECU - There are other little bits but I can't possibly list them all, I'd be here all day!! Takes us about a week and that includes painting up to look a bit like this.... This one went in to a 1999 UK MR2 and is probably one of the nicest MR2's I've ever driven... and I've driven a few now!!
  15. 'Yea A know' Maybe next time....
  16. Looked like a good turn out... I may have to get up to one of the derby meets soon, not too far up the M1 is it??
  17. mattmr2


    I fitted a complete koni kit which included new inserts and springs which gave about 35mm drop - nice kit, but you need to find some rebuildable shocks, Sorry about the cusco's chap... Matt.
  18. No fine to pay... just got to get it sorted, then get the pink slip I was issued stamped by an MOT place to prove I fixed it and then send it off..... Could have been worse, If he hadn't pulled out in front of me I would have sailed past him doing 60 in a 40 limit!!
  19. Only for my number plate though.... I guess he didn't like the fact it was sat on the dash board... "Yes officer its only been there a week , I havn't got round to it since having the kit fitted!!" And in his words "other than that it looks a bit of a beast" hehe! It'll be you next bibbs!!!
  20. We do these on a daily basis... nightmare job!! We can do it now in about an hour and a half now but we do have a lift to help us... Matt.
  21. mattmr2


    Sorry bud... didn't realise, you do have my e-mail though.... What you want anyway??.... Matt.
  22. Thats kind of what I wanted to do but I ended up with these, Not quite the same I know but it keeps the 5 spoke theme, plus mine had dark wheels as standard. You might want to try some nissan wheels, they did some very simular in 16"... not sure what car it came off though.. Matt
  23. There will be some wiring issues, but at least with putting in a N/A you won't have to change the fuel pump!!
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