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  1. Hi, I am on the hunt for a Corolla KE70 front engine cross member and steering rack. If anyone happens to have one for sale then please let me know. ;D Thanks, Jon
  2. Hi all, I am on the look out for an old RWD Toyota Celica as a project car. Ideally I am looking for a 1970-1973 car, but may also go for one up to the model change at 1977 - I know these cars are very rare so it is going to be very difficult to find the perfect car for me! I am very good at mechanical/electrical work but bodywork is not my forte, so the car ideally needs to be in fairly good condition with regards to rust etc. I know these cars are very, very susceptible to rust so I am not expecting to find a car that's even 80% rust free, but I don't want to have to spend thousands getting new arches, liners and floor welded in if I can help it. If anyone has something even vaguely similar to the above for sale, or has seen something similar then plase let me know. Thanks in advance, Jon
  3. Hey, You really need to check out this site my old chum: Twin Cam Forums? An Australian based site, filled with all the topics you will need to help you to convert to the Silver Top Engine! Don't just go flying in there asking questions, do a search on the Twin Cam forums first, you are bound to find all the help and info that you need. HTH, JB
  4. I was also told by the guys at Toyota that the Corolla is going to be got rid of. Basically, the Aygo is the new Yaris. The Yaris is the new Corolla. They said all you have to do is look at the sizes of the new Aygo and new Yaris to confirm this. Bit sad really, no more MR2, Corolla or Celica. The cars that make up the backbone of Toyota are killed off
  5. Some people round here need to lighten up. Print out below! Turbo boost was restricted to 12psi. Weather was cold, approx 8 degrees celsius. Well impressed with those figures Matt, the guy that sold you the engine and did the plug'n'play wiring loom must be a living legend.
  6. Hi Andy, Hope all is well mate, I am glad you haven't sold the beast yet! Can't remember if I told you, but I sold the 4A-GZE engine and all of the parts from my Rolla to a lad called Ian who lives just round the corner from me! Anyway, when he came to strip the engine and fit the new clutch and Jun SCM flywheel that we both bought, the engine was found to already have a TRD clutch kit with Jun SCM flywheel fitted!! I couldn't believe it when I saw the parts! Sparco, take it from me that you WILL find that engine more difficult and expensive to transplant into your Corolla than a 4A-GE silver/black top..... If you want to experiment with this engine then go for it, but this really isn't a sensible or economical engine transplant that you are trying to undertake! If you do attemp it, then you will find out what I mean! Thanks Jon
  7. BTW, 4A-GE engines sold to the UK market were: AW11 MR2 + AE86 Corolla = 4A-GE 16v TVIS - 115bhp Corolla GTi-16 1987-1989 = 4A-GE 16v TVIS - 115-123bhp Corolla GTi-16 1989-1992 = 4A-GE 16v non-TVIS - 127-129bhp The figures that Ravsen is quoting are the JDM figures in PS not BHP!! 1 PS = 0.97BHP (off the top of me head) JB
  8. Ravsen means ribbed when he says ribbon. The later 16v 4A-GE and 4A-GZE came with 7 ribs across the engine's block for increased strength. That engine that you have bought Sparco is a 16v 4A-GE engine from a mk1(AW11) Toyota MR2. That means that if it is a UK engine then it would have been quoted as making 115bhp standard when new from the factory. The engine is now likely to have covered 100.000 miles and be less than 115bhp! For that reason I would suggest that it is pointless removing your standard AE111 engine (89bhp or 110bhp) as the power gain from this unit would be negligable! The amount of re-wiring and modifying that you would need to do to get this engine in your car would scare you! I really can't understand buying a 1985-1988 engine to fit into your 1998 Corolla?!? HTH JB
  9. Bring it back Nad! I was a regular visiter back when I was dreaming about 4A-GZE's. I remember being in awe of your last update about the Twincharger setup, back in APRIL 2002 mate!! Definitely desirves to be brought up to date. If you spend the time doing it then you will be rewarded with ****loads of visiters and forum members. HTH Jon B
  10. I have a used Toyota driver's side headlamp available if you want it Nad? I am breaking my Corolla and the passenger side lamp has a hole in the glass from a chunky stone hitting it, so I am happy for you to have the drivers side one for a very small price mate. I have loads of used late spec GTi-16 parts at the moment, so please PM or email me, Jmbcar33@yahoo.co.uk if you want something. I would list all of the items on this topic, but knowing TOC it would probably just get deleted.... HTH, Thanks. Jon
  11. Hi guys, Couldn't say anymore than Lukman (L4AGZE) really! My-Garage have assured me that they only have 5 of these kits. I will continue to sell these at £69 + £4 P&P because I dont want to screw the people that pre paid and helped to get these kits made. I do sell my kits with a comprehensive fitting guide inc. pictures. These are pretty complex to fit so some people may think that the guide is worth the extra money.... the My Garage kits do not have any instructions. Thanks JB
  12. These kits are now completed so anyone interested in ordering one can do so by emailing me at JonBarnes@JBMotorsport.co.uk Dash kit.... Finished dash... Indiglo at night... These also have a brightness and colour adjusting button pad so that you can change the glow to your tastes. The price is as stated before £73 including p&p. Thanks Jon
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